Cookie's Special Potion (Kids)

Cookie's Special Potion


Brian Moloney

            Cookie Cock-a-Roach, with the hyphenated A, found the House Mouse, under the sofa, holding his bulging belly.

            “My goodness, House Mouse, have you gone and done it again?”

            “Oh, please Cookie,” House Mouse moaned.  “Help me, was an excellent piece of cheese.”

            “And I suppose you gobbled it all in one sitting.”

            “Naw...I think I was standing most of the time,” House Mouse answered.

            “And I suppose you would like me to relieve your misery, dear boy.”

            “No, I would like that you should help me boip.”

            “Boip...what on earth is boip?”

            “You know, like boiping a baby...cheeeeeze”

            “Oh, a burp.  Why didn't you just say so, dear fellow.”

            Cookie zipped off in a flash.

            “He can be a little thick sometimes,” House Mouse muttered.

            Cookie zipped back in another flash.

            “What took ya?”

            “I think I have most everything I need,” Cookie said.

            “Need,” House Mouse said.  “Need for what?”

            “Why to help you, as you say, boip, dear fellow.”

            Then, borrowing a small silver thimble, Cookie mixed the ingredients to his special “boip” potion.

            “Uh, is this stuff safe?”

            “Perfectly safe, my boy.  An age-old Cock-A-Roach recipe.

            House Mouse reluctantly took the drink and sipped.

            “Hey, this isn't half bad!” Then guzzled the remainder.

            “Of course, I couldn't find any moth dust, but I substituted a pinch of sugar, which should--”

            Suddenly, Cookie recalled another old Cock-A-Roach recipe.  The one for restoring antennae and wings. The one that uses sugar instead of moth dust.

            “Oh my...I didn't-”

            “Hey this stuff is woiking.  I feel something already.”

            Cookie's mouth dropped in horror as a pair of antennae sprung from behind House Mouse's ears.

            “Hey...what's going on?”  House Mouse exclaimed.  He reached up and grabbed one of the wiggly antennae.    

            Then, a pair of wings sprouted from his back.

            “Oh my,” Cookie said.

            Suddenly, the House Mouse burped, and his belly quickly deflated.

            “Well, at least you feel better,” Cookie said.

            House Mouse flapped his newfound wings. 

            “I wonder if these things make me look taller.  Oh well, gotta fly.”

            And off he flapped, happily searching for cheese.