T-Ball Tim (Kids)

T-Ball Tim


Brian Moloney

            My name is Tim, and tomorrow is my first T-ball game.

            I have to admit...I'm a little worried.  My Mom says I worry too much for a little boy.

            So now, I'm a little worried about that too.

            We've been practicing and stuff for a long time.  Mrs. Livingstone says I can be the next Babe Ruth.  I don't know who he is, but I think it's something good.

            It's hard to strike out in T-ball.  My Dad says he struck out a lot when he was a kid.  He said his older brothers made him ride home in the trunk of the car.  Then they went and ate hot dogs and stuff.

            I'm a little worried about that too.  I mean, I don't think my Dad would ever put me in the trunk.  And I don't have any older brothers, not yet anyway.  Just my little sister, Emily.  And if she tried to put me in the trunk I would just knock her down.  But then Mom would get mad.  So I'm a little worried about that trunk.

            Mrs. Livingstone taught us all the T-ball rules.  As long as you're on the base you're safe; nothing can get you.  When the next kid hit's the ball you run to the next base and try to get home...then everybody cheers.

            One time Becky Potter was standing on the second base, and the ball hit her on the knee.  Becky Potter cried and her Dad carried her off the field.  She wasn't very safe.

            I think they have rules now about locking kids in the trunk.  Besides, we don't even have a trunk.  We have a min-van.

            But my Grandma and my Aunt have a trunk....

            My Grandma and my Aunt are coming to the game.  I'm a little worried about that too.  I mean what if I forget to do stuff.

            My Grandma and Aunt wouldn't put me in the trunk. But my Dad borrows Grandma's car all the time.

            Tomorrow's my first T-ball game, but I'm not gonna worry any more...I think it will be fun....