Thursday, October 27, 2016

Lots to Do

I find there’s an awful lot to do in a day.

And I mean to do them—all of them—one of these days, when I’m not napping.

Or staring at Facebook.

Nah, that’s not true. I don’t stare at Facebook...not all the time,

A lot of time I stare at Twitter...and Google+...and You Tube.

And then I take another nap...cuz it wears me out...all that staring.

For real.

Try it some time.

To be honest, even napping wears me out.

It takes a lot of concentration to get your body to shut down in the middle of a busy afternoon; even more in the morning, when you’re not that tired.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

In Search of Surrogates

I’m looking for a couple of surrogates.

At least a couple...maybe more.

They’re all the rage these days.

Everyone who’s anyone has them.

Even the surrogates have surrogates.

You know, some folks to stand up...or sit down—whatever position they prefer—for you or whomever and mindlessly smile and represent whatever issue they’re surrogating, when the media starts asking all those hard questions they like to ask.

Which I’m pretty sure they’d be asking me if they weren’t so distracted by all this silly political stuff.

He said, she he didn’t...yes she did....they wanted to but then they thought better of it...or didn’t think at all...or thought too much...and none of it made much sense, least if you were paying attention, which most people really aren’t.

And on and on it goes...somewhere, someplace or something like that.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Official Unwrapping - "The Little Red Christmas Ball"

Way back in March, I had “The Little Red Christmas Ball” prepared to meet the world. All I had to do was push the “Go” button. But then I thought...March—really?

I don’t think so.

Patience, patience, patience", I heard the little red Christmas ball proclaim "Everything in its time. Isn't that the message behind “The Little Red Christmas Ball", in the first place. Patience and perseverance...Shine bright and hold tight."

So, based on the sage advice, only a little red Christmas ball could give, I picked October 15 as the big day to unwrap “The Little Red Christmas Ball”...and here it is...TA DA....

Sorry, that’s all the fanfare I could afford on an independent authors budget....

I hope you’ll check "The Little Red Christmas Ball" out this holiday season. It’ll take you back to your own Christmas past when sugar plums still danced in your head. Read it to your littlest kids, give it to your other kids...and even read it to yourself. As the subtitle says, it’s a story for kids and anyone whoever was and would be again...


Oh...and have a Happy Halloween, too....

Click Here to Order on Amazon

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Swiftly Fly the Days

A common complaint registered by those who travel this confusing maze of connecting dots called life is...”Hey, it’s all going by too fast.”

Wasn’t I just the new guy at the office, wasn’t I just in school, wasn’t I just learning how to drive, wasn’t I just dreaming about the future...wasn’t I just finishing off that box of Mallomars?

Oh yeah...that I was.

Where's it all gone?

Where's it all leading?

How can I ever keep up?

When we were seedlings, growing incrementally each year, time was measured by quantitative landmarks.

The first couple of years were a mix of wonder and frustration.

Sunday, October 9, 2016


Thanks to everyone who downloaded "The Kingdom of Keys" last week.

I appreciate the support! I hope you enjoy it and will write a review!

And if you're able to keep a secret, even though it hasn't been officially released to the world,
"The Little Red Christmas Ball" is unofficially available on Amazon, right now...shhhhhhhh....

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


The sun came out, if only for a bit, yesterday morning, and lo and behold, there stood October.

October in all it’s sunny, colorful fall glory.

Until it clouded up again.

Go figure....

And then there was a knock at the door, which was odd, especially for a Monday morning.

Even odder, when I went to see who it was, I was surprised to find two of the Zombies Across the Street...mostly because Zombies rarely knock; they usually just barge in and start rifling through the fridge.

Uncomfortable, right?

Tell me about it.