Friday, June 19, 2015

In Search of Leprechauns

In the not too distant future, Z and I will be off in search of Leprechauns.

Those mischievous Irish rascals said to sneak about in the night, out of sight, creating havoc for one and all that happen to cross their paths, unsuspecting or not.

Which, to be honest, sounds a lot like the O’Toole Brothers, down the street, who tend to sleep on their front lawn most Saturday nights, so they shouldn’t be too hard to find.

But we’ll be looking for the genuine article; the wee folk with their pots of gold stashed where the rainbows end, on the Emerald Isle itself...home of my ancestors, or half my ancestors, on my father’s side.

I mean, all my ancestors on my father’s side...but none of the ancestors on my mother’s side...who come from that would be total...or thereabouts.

Oh, wait...that doesn’t include my grandma’s maybe it is only half...or a quarter....or...

Yeah...confusing, I know.

But so is this whole ancestry thing.

Up til now, the only knowledge I had of my Irish ancestry was that my Grandpa Jim and Grandma Nellie spoke a little funny and, when they baby sat, liked to slip a bit of whiskey into my milk, just to settle me down and make sure I slept through the night.

Child Care 101, the Irish way.

But, if truth be told—or at least my version of the truth—back then, if information didn’t come to me in the form of a comic book, I didn’t much pay attention.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Swoon of June

Not to repeat myself.

I mean, really...not to repeat myself.

But this June has been stupid.

Really stupid, actually.

It’s hot

It’s cold

It’s hot

It’s cold...again....

Just like my Aunt least according to my Uncle Pete.

Friday, June 12, 2015

For No Reason

There are a lot of reason for a lot of things.

None of which I need to go into now.


I need a reason?

If you ask me...there are way too many reasons...many of which don’t make any sense.

Which is just plain least in my opinion.

But people like to have a reason.

They even reason that they need a reason...just to do anything....within reason of course.

And I think that’s just...wrong. expected me to say something else.


I mean I could have...if I wanted...but I didn’t...and that’s all you need to know.

If for no other reason than, I said so.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Self-Promotion Suc— Such as it is....

When it comes to self-promotion...I’m pretty bad at it. 

Hard to believe, I know.

I strut around these pages, snarky, full of sass and, hopefully, sometimes funny, spouting my forward opinions and useless observations on this and that...whatever and whoever...discussing basically anything that comes to mind on any given day.

Like sass...what the hell is sass? Is it a salty version of ass? And how does one become full of it...sass or ass?

So I know I come off as pretty full of myself, which is the last thing I want you to think.

I mean, I am pretty full of myself... I just don’t want you to think it.

Ha!  Can't get enough of that joke, can you?  Or maybe you can...I don't know.
But when it comes to talking about my work, promoting it to the masses...telling everyone how great it is and that they’d be crazy  not to check it out...I know I just plain cringe.

I’m not sure why...or more likely I am, but I’m not about to say it...because then you would really think I was over-full of sass...and possibly even ass.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Summer Freefall’s unusual for me, but I’m really enjoying this new freefall of a season.

Cool crisp, morning air...warm toasty blankets at night.

I even brought out the turtlenecks and sweaters...but it really does seem as if I just put them away.
I suppose I say that more and more, every year, now.

How fast the time goes and goes and someone once said.

Oh, I guess that was me...but so loooooong ago...way back in the late spring.

I’ve been looking for a place to go pumpkin picking...maybe even tag this year’s Christmas tree, while I’m at it...but I can’t seem to find any place open yet, which is odd...especially in the freefall.

At least the heat is up and working, just fine; and I have to admit, it’s nice sitting by a roaring fire, again, munching on some tasty chestnuts...if I could find some chestnuts.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

And So It Goes...and goes and goes....

Every time I sit down at the computer—for just a minute—it turns into 40 minutes...or more.


Sound familiar?

I might want to check if that big thunder storm is closing in, or not...or look to see if my new copy of “The Kingdom of Keys-available on Amazon in both Print and Kindle versions - has shipped (What?) and the next thing I know: another hour and a half has passed and I’m looking at vacation pictures posted by someone I don’t even know, but once may have dated a guy I did know in kindergarten...I think


Sound familiar?

What can I say...I’m just a sucker for fiery limbo dancers.

And people wonder where the time goes...and goes...and goes...and goes.

Along with their money.