Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Tomorrow & Today

We never know what Tomorrow will bring.

Truth is, Tomorrow usually shows up empty handed.

Just plops itself down on the couch, turns on HBO and immediately starts catching up on past seasons of “Game of Thrones”. All this while Today finishes up with whatever misperceived havoc we believe it’s managed to create in our lives over the last 24.

Yet, we all worry about Tomorrow...much to Tomorrow’s amusement, which plays right into the hands of Today.

In fact, Today has come to count on us keeping one eye turned to Tomorrow, so it can get away with a lot more crap knowing we’re distracted wondering how we’re going to avoid more of the same Tomorrow.

And as Today completes its business, Tomorrow just continues dropping popcorn kernels in-between the couch cushions while exchanging correspondence with Yesterday who’s already off sunning itself in the Caribbean.

Truth is, though...Today isn’t really trying to annoy us, at all. Today is doing its best, leaving subtle little nuggets of treasure behind.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Some call it the merry month of May.



You don’t hear “merry” used all that much anymore, though.

I mean other than the Christmas thing.

Folks don’t say, “I’m having a merry old day, today”.

Or they’re in a very merry mood.

No...for some reason “merry” has been shoved aside into the frivolous adjectival flotsam of colorful conversation.

Which is too bad because it seems a very merry, apropos description...especially for the month of May.



As months go, May is full of potential.