Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Thanksgiving Cavalerity

You can tell the Christmas hub bub season is upon us, because everywhere you look folks are running around gobbling up turkeys.
Get it...turkeys...gobbling up?
I know...what can I say?
It’s a gift.
Which is very appropriate for the Christmas hub bub season.
You it’s Christmas...right?
Or should I say “Clause it’s Christmas!”...ha ha ha...I can’t get enough of me....
Anyway, once we get through all this big, turkey gobbling, family gathering, giving thanks hoo ha stuff we can get onto the “real” holiday festivities and start drinking egg nog, which sounds gross, and, at least to me, tastes even worse.
However, tradition demands it...for some...not all...and certainly not me.
But first, like I said, if you were paying attention, which I’m sure you weren’t, because who does these days, there’s all this turkey stuff.
Horrified by my Thanksgiving Cavalerity?
I know...sorry...I made that up. such word.
But there should be since it kinds of sums up the kind of second class treatment Thanksgiving gets these days.
Which I’ve written about before...and before that...and before that...and which I’m sure I’ll write about again.
Same ol same ol.
I was on the fence as to which way I wanted to go this year, theme least until my neighbor pointed out, in no uncertain terms, I was gonna bend his fence...which I thought was  rude.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Time and Again...and again...and....

October now folds into November, which slips into December that leads to an entirely new year.

Time and again and again and again.

Yet, no matter how many times we’re graced as witness, we never seem to grasp the quickening pace at which it all occurs.

As if we’re taken by surprise...time and again and again and again.
“It’s Halloween already?  Wasn’t it just Christmas and summer a week ago?”

Even though we’ve been warned—our entire life we’ve been warmed—by those who came before.

“It goes fast...enjoy every day...cherish every moment, don’t look back...full steam ahead...the future is now!”

But most of us we’re too busy to listen. Let alone take it to heart.

Yeah, I know.  Not more of this same old same old, again. Haven’t I written this story about 20 other times?

Like just last month...and probably the month or two or three before that.


It all seems like yesterday.

Which is the problem.