Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Who Likes “Look”?

I’ve noticed a lot of people like to say “Look”, these days....especially when the last thing they really want you to do is, you know... “Look”.

“Look”...we’ve been saying all along, yada yada yada....

“Look”...there’s absolutely nothing inconsistent with the facts...they’re the same as the ones we’ve been making up from the beginning...yada yada yada....

“Look”...I can’t emphasize enough the idea that if I smirk and say “Look” you can’t help but see just how serious I am about wanting you to believe this stuff...yada yada yada....

It’s kind of a thing.

“Look” if you can’t see that then maybe you don’t want to see it.

“Look”... am I wasting my breath, here.

“Look”...It’s all just part of the new way of saying something while you’re really saying nothing.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Growing Up in the “Now”

We all use various forms of the phrase “Growing up”.

When I was growing up....

You’re all grown up....

When I grow up....

Will you ever grow up...?

Which I get a lot.

But can we really say anyone ever really grows up?

I mean, sure, in a physical sense we get bigger and to leap tall buildings in a single bound...yet, aren’t we always growing up, no matter what age we fall on the actuarial table?

Growing up into what we’re meant to grow up into.

Even if it’s just a guy who hangs out in the park picking lint from his belly button.

Or worse, someone else’s belly button.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

New 5 star review on Amazon for the Zombies!

     "...Moloney's quick wit and amazing way with words is prominent throughout the book. It's broken up into little stories, which is nice, but I found myself reading story after story and not wanting to put it down! It's an insightful, humorous, feel good book, which we could all use more of! Bravo Brian, for another great read!"

Thanks, Dream Reader! Appreciate the nice words.

The Zombies say they can use a few more reviews...cuz, you know...Zombies are never satisfied...nor subtle....

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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Kitchen Updates Upcoming

A while back, Z mentioned in passing, she thought it was time to update our kitchen.

Great, I thought. We could use a new toaster. My English muffins have been popping out a little too crispy lately.

And the dish drainer could use an update.

Let’s face it, avocado green had a good run, but has seen its day.

So why not?

Then I was informed, Z was thinking a little more “radical” in her way of “updates”.

Hmmmmm...I thought.

If it’s possible to think hmmmmm.

I’m not sure it is.

But that’s neither here nor there...which isn’t unusual.

Hmmmm...”radical” sounds a little ominous.

Is she talking about trashing our old garbage pail; the fancy one with the automatic lid opener—if you count stepping on a peddle to open it, “automatic”?

I guess we could use a new one, though, since it hasn’t actually opened “automatically”, peddle or no, in, let’s say, awhile.

I suppose I’ll still have all those crazy garbage pail memories to hold onto.