Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Click Baiting Bathos

I'm moving at a snail’s pace, in the "New Year".

Which, for some reason, spell check demands I capitalize, as if "New Year" were a proper name or something. annoying.

So distracting....

But, I like to mess with it once in awhile and add words to the dictionary that I porposley misspell.

You gotta do these things from time to time...or else the AI wins.

That’s right AI, which doesn’t stand for Arnie Ingersoll, my old grade school nemesis.

That’s right Arnie...I’m talking about you.


Sorry, my impulse control’s acting up again.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Take “It” as “It” Comes

Sorry for falling off the blog map...again.

I’ve been involved with some big deal “grown up” issues the last couple of weeks so, of course, I’ve been curled in a ball, with a blanket over my head, hiding in the basement.

Where I’d still be if I hadn’t dropped that box of frozen ravioli, which alerted my neighbor who told me to go home and curl up in my own basement...and get over it.

People are always telling me to get over it.

“Relax...just take it as it comes.”

Really...they are.

Oh, wait...someone just shouted it through my window.

So weird, this neighborhood.

But I suppose it’s good advice, nonetheless, no matter what window it comes through.

Problem is: I’m not very good at taking other people’s advice, let alone taking “it” as “it” comes”.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

FREE Time Almost NO time....


The promotion for a free download of The Little Red Christmas ball has ended. Thanks to all who took advantage of the opportunity and now have your own copy snuggled onto your personal reading device of choice. I hope you enjoyed The Little Red Christmas Ball's story and pick up a copy of the paperback to hold on...shine bright and share with your family for years to come....


Just a few hours left to download your FREE digital version of The Little Red Christmas Ball before we wrap the little guy up and pack him away until next year ! 

If you've already taken advantage of this great, FREE E-book offer, I hope you enjoyed The Little Red Christmas Ball's story and pick up a copy of the paperback to hold on...shine bright and share with your family for years to come....

Right now we're sitting on lucky #13 on the Top 100 FREE e-book, yada yada yada...Christmas books, so let's see if we can upend that Dickens fellow, who's sitting so smugly at #2.

I mean, come on Charlie...not even #1? After all these years!

And don't forget

“The Kingdom of Keys”

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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A Better New Year – Disagree to Agree

Here we are...

A new day, a new week a new year...all rolled into one.

I guess.

Kind of like a great big meatball.

Except with artificial units of time rather than meat.

Which, to be honest, as a matter of course, you probably want to avoid any hint of artificiality in most things, especially meat.

So now, everyone feels as if they get a great big re-do...a fresh start.

You know, because of all the new artificial units of time lying ahead.

Which has nothing to do with meatballs, except they too are better if fresh.

Yeah...not much has changed.

Pointless silliness is still pointless silliness no matter what day, week or year it is.

For instance, I’m going to try, in this new artificial unit of time, avoiding people that disagree with me.

Makes sense right?

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year...imagine that....

Time to tear off a whole new set of pages....

Make all your dreams come true...imagine that....

Happy New Year, Retorters!