Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Fall is Fine

We turned the corner on summer, sometime last week, and fall fell...again, sometime last week.

I’m not exactly sure when...I was still at the beach.

So I didn’t notice.

But it’s fall now, that’s for sure.

A chill is in the air, and all that cra...uh, stuff.

Pumpkins and scarecrows abound.

And that’s all fine.

Fall is fine...I’m’re fine...we’re all fine.

Fine, fine, fine....

Besides, I was getting a little tired of all that sand between my toes.

And the heat and humidity.

There were actually days this summer when my neighbors refused to leave their houses.
But that was mostly when I watered the flowers in my bathing suit.

It had nothing to do with the heat and humidity.

My neighbors are very sensitive.

So the days peel off the calendar as we tumble soon into October.

Night rushes to supplant the day.

Hungry leaf blowers roaring in earnest now as their real work begins.

Hungry squirrels frantically gathering nuts.

Hungry nuts frantically gathering squirrels.

It’s a gathering time of year.

Gathering friends to pumpkin pick and toast October’s colors with tasty autumnal beverages.

Gathering wool for no particular reason, except maybe to annoy the sheep....

Gathering meandering notions, pointed for their pointlessness, in search of dragons hidden in the clouds.

The lazy days of summer now melted into the gathering days of fall.  

In recent times I was reluctant to surrender summer to the fall.

There was nothing to compare to the ease of summer...sun, sea and the occasional lobster tail.

But I’ve come to realize, holding back the seasons is a fool’s errand and no amount of fools can halt the changing tide...mostly cuz they’re fools and can’t coordinate their socks, let alone such a massive undertaking as tide halting.

So I’m learning to appreciate every season as one more stepping stone on the one looooong day we call our lives.

Every stone crossed, every corner tuned, a victory, not a loss.
Every sunset witnessed, every sunrise gifted, every season arrived announces we’re still fine....

As is fall.

Fall is fine.

The seasons all are fine.

But, come and see me around the middle of January and perhaps we’ll reassess...



And coming in October
(because you can never start Christmas too soon)

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  1. Brian - I'm liking the crisp, cool days of Fall and it is my favorite season, even if it morphs into snow, ice and all that jazz. The Summer was way too long this year. I'm totally in agreement with the last line of this post. What a bunch of malcontents we are. :) - Linda

  2. im not good at transition...i think ive worn the same three tshirts for three months. wash then wear... it's just easier. now... i hope the jeans will fit. ugh. but as you say it's all fine. and if it isn't i will have to ungather some of the summer gluttony....

    1. I find if I tie my jeans together they fit least until Christmas....

    2. i guess after wearing the jeans today it's apparent i have to run more.

    3. To both of you - I look at my jeans sadly these days ... since working from home, I've adopted sweats and shorts and comfy clothes, so I wonder how I tolerated pantyhose and "real waistbands" all those years. I finally had to resort to pants the other day after a Summer of capris or shorts and it was a sad day, but it was downright chilly here in SE Michigan. I blame that fabric tugging at my waistline on this year's 60th birthday sneaking up on me. - Linda

    4. Don't worry about that 60th birthday's bark is worse than it's bite.


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