Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Feeling February

I’ve never been a February fan.

I guess a lot of people feel that way.

February mostly feels like a whole bunch of dreary "without ends".

February mostly feels like waiting in line at the DMV to find out what other line you’re supposed to be standing in.

February mostly feels like sitting through the popcorn and Twizzlers commercials at the multiplex, 20 minutes after the movie was scheduled to begin.  

February mostly feels like waiting for a table at Applebee’s on a Saturday night.

February mostly feels like waiting for your waitress to take your order at Applebee’s on a Saturday night.
February mostly feels like waiting for your food to arrive at Applebee’s on a Saturday night.

February mostly feels like waiting for your table to be cleared at Applebee’s on a Saturday night.

February mostly feels like waiting for your bill at Applebee’s on a Saturday night.

February mostly feels like wondering why you ever went to Applebee’s on a Saturday night...or at all.

But that was before my new positive outlook on all things dreary.

My realization that there’s something good to be found in all things...even dreary things...even Applebee’s.

Okay...I’ll wait a minute for the mocking laughter to subside.

Hmmmmmm....mmmmmmmmh...tad dee dum de dum...da da de da....

Finished... wiped the tears from your eyes...composed yourselves?


But I’m serious.  It struck me the other day.

And I’m not talking about that branch that fell out of the tree in the front yard that hit me square on the top of the head.

Although my clarity on February did occur shortly thereafter.

I mean, why shouldn’t February get a little good pub for once.

Hasn’t it suffered enough?

Just from a branding standpoint.

March has leprechauns.

April, flowers and bunnies.

May, more flowers and patriotic flag waving.

June July and August...well, need I even mention the sun, fun and beach balls.

October has pumpkins and colorful leaves.

November, Turkeys and Pilgrims.

And December...who needs to be reminded of December?

But what does February have to show for brand awareness?

A sun shy rodent, an arrow bowing cherub and a couple of dead presidents?

So here’s what suddenly struck me about February...other than the falling club from the sky.  

The sun sitting noticeably higher, shortening the shadows and cutting through the cold wind to warm my face on my afternoon sojourns through the neighborhood.

The evening light suddenly hanging on through 5:30, climbing closer and closer to 6, every day.

Buds on the trees burgeoning, growing bolder and more prominent.

Bits of color breaking the soil, awakening winter gardens.

All good things...all positive signs...all February.

And don’t forget the occasional more “in your face” portents of spring February sometimes provides.

Temps in the upper 50s...rising through 60 from time to time.

Toss the winter coats to the side, if only for the day.

Previews of softer days ahead.

February’s not so bad if you look at it that way.

The last of the “warys” and a month to be appreciated for its veiled optimism of good things to come.

We only get 12 months in a year, and a lot of us think nothing of disparaging and wishing away a few of them.

But I think I’ve learned my lesson...

Every day is mine to mingle in.

Every month another trophy on the wall.

Even February.

Especially least until March.


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  1. Hey...some very important people were born in February!!!

    1. You're right...prodigious presidents and purveyors of fine stained glass abound!

  2. February - a month of fits and starts. Yesterday, we had 56 degrees ... in fact we broke the old record of 53 from 1882! Today, blustery and cold and snow maybe tonight, but not as bad as you and Boston and others on East Coast will see. Mother Nature is conflicted where to go with her weather. I like your description of those few days that get us outside in the month of February and those promises of nicer, warmer days to come. Ahhhhh, I hang on each one of them, as a fellow walker, just as you do Brian. - Linda Schaub

    1. We're up to 59 right now. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.I never trust the prognosticators.

  3. Except the Groundhog - sometimes you must fear the Groundhog. - Linda Schaub

  4. February - only 28 days. Then comes March, and spring comes marching in.

    1. I'm beginning to think February is an ungrateful sob...

  5. february is a great catch-up month...and boy do i need it.
    as for's really only good for one thing.

    1. Actually, I've never been to I guess you'd have to call this...FAKE NEWS! one is immune...apparently....

  6. Agreed, I dislike February not least for the way it is spelled. I don't think I'll bother with Applebee's either after this article. Mind you, I did have a good chuckle.

    1. Much like writers, Rs are alwasy looking for love in all the wrong places....


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