Sunday, May 22, 2011

May 22…Uh oh…

So what now? 

Apparently it was all a mistake.  Someone forgot to carry a one.  Multiplied when they were supposed to divide. Misplaced a decimal or dropped whatever it is clumsy theologians drop.  Confused Isaac with Isaiah, which happens more than you’d think.  It’s not 2011…maybe its 2101!

Bottom line is: I’M SCREWED!  But maybe not as much as the poor guy who spent his life savings putting up those damn billboards all over the country.  I wonder if he budgeted taking them down. I’m guessing not.  I mean, why would he? 

In the end, The End of Days didn’t mean the end of the world after all; it only meant the end of my good credit rating. How much do you think the minimum credit card payment is on $750, 00.64?  How many months will it take me to pay that off, even if I never spend another dime on anything?  And please…don’t tell me until Kingdom Come.  I guess I’ll have to say goodbye to the llama, return the Ferrari and explain the odd smell coming form the back seat. Apologize to the French and replace my neighbor’s prize gladiola bushes, which the lama seemed to find particularly enjoyable. Anyone need a gently used Zeppelin?

Judgment Day, my…well, you know?  
I guess anyone can make a mistake. 
Live and let live…apparently. 

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