Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Pronoun Paucity

Figured, should write something…been a while.

First thought was to bemoan the fate of the pronoun…as in preceding two sentences, inclusive.

What happened to poor “I” and “My”?

Not good enough to make the cut?

Now I have to add “They’re” to the mix as well.

Some sort of time saving device?

“Its”…join the club.

Don’t have time to waste on useless pronouns.



Plus, eat up valuable Twitter characters.

“They”…“Those” or “Our”.

30 pointer!

Hmmmm….that’s an idea. Maybe create a game where folks accumulate 10 points for every pronoun they manage to avoid in a sentence.

Just “New English”, probably.

Always cutting corners.

Really racking up points, now.

Could even throw articles in. Articles are small, though; so only 5 points, per.

Pretty generous for something, no more than 3 letters, max.

Course, sitting here, thinking, now, points will be subtracted for other heinously grammatical abuses…like dangling participles.

Or misuse of “like”…like.

Kind of odd, those points sitting here thinking, in the first place…I mean, when you think about it.

Being inclined to avoiding confusion, the Pandora box of participles, dangling or otherwise, not to mention, troubled, as it were, but none the less, well-meaning, misplaced modifiers, are better left not messed with, by any such as me.

You know, what I’m talking about?

However, ending sentences in prepositions, educated as they may be, might or might not be considered as much of no no, by scholars, of which there are many of.


Don’t know…better get out while I can.

There’s only so much Googling can deal with.

Hmmmm…wonder how many points allotted for nouns turned into verbs?

Probably give that more thought once I finish Kleenexing my nose.

Sorry…allergies kicking in, now.

Anyway…really should get going.

Friend is excitedly shopping for adverbs, of which you can never have too many of, and I said I would happily go with….




* Thanks to blog pal Colleen Walsh Fong's recent Grammatical Gambols on her CopyWrites site for the inspiration. And if you're looking to polish up your business writing skills, check out her new book "Write to Grow: Build Your Business, Get More Clients, Make More Money " now available at Amazon.


  1. Good read! Will share! Thanks for book plug! How many points earned here?

    1. Thanks...just 25. Can do better! 15 additional provided, on me, just because....

  2. Makes it kinda hard to diagram a sentence.

    1. Diagraming always makes me late for lunch....

  3. Once again a great chortletortle . And it has inspired me to invent a brand new word to describe my chortling at yet another of your fine retorting's. As for the English Language, well, I see it as a stampede situation. The language is being reinvented by all and sundry as a means of clique talk. Not one to frown at a noun but the word bastion springs to mind as we approach the final stages of what once use to spoken by all (even foreigners). Mind you I am reliably informed that we have around thirty thousand french words polluting this regal parlay. Never mind, I tend to get misunderstood even when I speak the queens tongue with utmost clarity.

  4. "regal parlay." I love it!

    1. No doubt it will soon be known as 'The Presidents English' and we'll just carry on drinking our tax free tea. ;-)

  5. my friends call me the grammar police bc i am constantly correcting spelling and grammar in texts... the misuse of words and one of my biggeest peeves... i should OF written long ago...... it's HAVE, for the LOVE OF PETE!

  6. Pete's so picky. And I thought you were just the recycling police...


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