Saturday, July 4, 2015

4th of July “Collection” of Retorts...again

We're back from the Irish Isle...and not a leprechaun to be found, but when you think of it, what sort of leprechaun would allow his or herself to be found...

And are there really any female leprechauns...and if not, why?

In any case, my brain is still having trouble catching up to my body to decide what I should have for lunch, much less ponder such a sensitive question.

In the meantime, I know it's been awhile, so to placate those of you who actually look forward to these least until the meds kick's something...brand new for the 2nd or 3rd time, if you've been around for awhile. 

And if you haven't been around for awhile...then where the heck you been?'s the 4th of July so what better way to celebrate Independence Day than to independently post a re-do of a re-do! 

Hey...don't blame me...blame the Brits...they're pretty much responsible for everything!

From: 7/4/11

A Hometown 4th of July  (Click Click)


From 7/4/12

Firing Up for the Fourth of July (Click Click)



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  1. blog your pics from your journey across the pond!

    1. I'll do something soon. I'm still trying to get my head to process and sort it all out.'s summer....

    2. don't i know it! i'm still celebrating my birthday month and trying to get my head to process that i'm 43...forty effen three! and i'm still trying to sort out all the laundry from being in the woods for a long weekend... and not to mention, it IS summer and i'm trying so hard to finish the seven day loan book that i've had out for 13 days.

    3. oh, and in three minutes it's happy hour.


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