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Back Attack - From May 21, 2012

It's been an interesting week, so far.  The other day, I was attacked by the propane tank I was putting in the trunk of my car, which resulted in this odd popping sound emanating from the front of my shoulder. It was kind of cool actually. I mean except for the excruciating pain that followed for a period...not to mention the semi-colon and a comma.  But I'm okay, I mean, as long as I don't use my right arm for anything.  It also makes it difficult to manipulate my mouse, which makes it difficult to type...which means I'm off the hook for at least another week.  Plus the mouse is pretty happy, as well.

Not to hog the injury spotlight, I should also mention that Z pulled her back out of whack over the weekend, as well. But, once again, she had no business bending over to pick up that grocery bag...even if it was an empty grocery bag. 

But the sliver lining is I was reminded of this little ditty from a few years back, so to speak, and thought I would take it out for another spin around the block...seeing as neither of us will be seeing the other side of the block for a few days, ourselves....

From May 21, 2012:

Back Attack

Z threw out her back on Saturday.

Yep…just got tired of it and put it out in the garage with the rest of the trash.

I told her that maybe she should have waited until she got the new one before throwing out the old one…but nope…out it went.

Actually, all kidding aside, she really did do something to her back. 

I’ve been warning her to be more careful. Not to take all those risky chances she's so fond of; but she doesn’t listen.  She just plows ahead and does crazy things like picking up that bottle of Clorox in the grocery store.


So now someone's paying the price.

I know….

But I guess it could be worse.

I mean she could be screaming and moaning A LOT more than she is.

Which would be even more annoying.

So I’m dealing….

You know?


I guess we’ve all been there, but you can’t really appreciate it, or understand it, until you are…actually there.

Try watching this relatively youngish person carry out your cocktails like Tim Conway as that 110 year old man.

I mean those ice cubes aren’t going to last forever.

But once I got the tray that attaches to the walker it’s gotten better.

A little….

However, the walker doesn’t work on the stairs too well, with or without the tray…even though I argued that it did.

It doesn’t…..

So it takes Z forever to haul those laundry baskets up and down…both flights to the basement.

Every step an agony unto itself.

Just try listening to that all day.




So risky.

Of course I’m sympathetic and do what I can to help out.

I’m not as critical if she misses a spot when she vacuums or washes the kitchen floor.

I let it slide.

And I didn’t expect her to get all the gardens cleaned out and planted in one day.

Not really…..

But I thought she’d have most of it done by noon on Sunday.

I even gave her a hand.

I told her when the line of marigolds was getting a little uneven.

I’m not sure she would have picked up on that on her own.

You know…because of the tears.

And I told her to skip the lawn this week. 

Well, at least the back.

Behind the garage.

So she appreciated that.

I offered to go to the grocery store to pick up some beer.

I was already down to my last 4 cases, and I don’t usually like it to get below 6.

I even carried most of them into the basement myself.

But, yeah…I guess you could say this weekend’s been a little bit out of whack…just like Z’s back.

At least the Percocet is wearing off.

So there’s less passing out.

But that was only a problem when I was driving…at least for the other drivers.

Anyway, thankfully, Z’s starting to feel better. I can tell because her aim is much more accurate when she throws things at me.

Especially the garden trowel….

So things are slowly getting back to normal…so to speak.

But thanks for caring.

I know…..

Tough to get old….



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  1. Well you're really sympathetic to Z's dilemma. :) Last week I was carefully pulling the pop-lid off a tin of Dole tropical fruit cocktail to make ambrosia salad. I hate how sometimes the lid halts half-way through, even with the plastic gizmo shaped like a question mark has it securely - I imagine it flipping off the top and slicing everything in its path. So, the lid came off nice and easy, but for some dumb*** reason, I ran the pad of my right-hand ring finger around the rim ... made no sense. Instantly a big cut - deep gash ... blood spurted everywhere. Luckily, not into the contents of the can. I finally, one week later can leave off the bandaid ... that spot hits all the keys ... I went through bandaids like crazy. Before this forum, I didn't tell anyone but Buddy who heard me yelp, swear like the fool that I was.


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