Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Summer Says So Long with Fall Felicitations

Summer slipped out of town early this morning, and to tell you the truth, it was ready. 
Summer worked hard this year and even put in some late season OT, cranking out mid 80 degree temps and sunshine, right up until the end. 

So believe me, there was no season more relieved than Summer to see Fall skipping into town carrying its assortment of pumpkins,cider, colorful foliage and all the other autumnal trappings Fall is famous for.

There was even a brief exchange between the two, right on the equinox, just before Summer happily slipped over the edge.

I have no idea what was said, but I think it might have had something to do with how tricky it is to operate the new toaster oven we picked up in July.

For some reason, Summer never got the hang of the light to dark setting.

Who knows?

But all in all this particular Summer was a good one, taking us all the way from the Irish shore to the Jersey a lot of places in between.

Lots of hot sticky weather, with almost no rain to speak of.

Dried out dead lawns, out of control electric bills, rearview mirrors melting off of windshields, entire families of mosquitos feasting on legs, crowded beaches and shark infested waters....

Ahhhhh, Summer....

We’re gonna miss all that.




We can only hope Fall remembered to bring its usual cyclical bag of seasonal treats to spread around; I mean other than pumpkin lattes, candy corn and a new edition of “The Voice”.

At least we don’t have to put up with another season of Trump on “The Apprentice”.

Now we get to watch Trump being Trump on the news, all day long, anytime we want.

I heard Schwarzenegger is taking his place on “the Apprentice” as the “Fire-er in Chief” least in between episodes of The Terminator's new show, “Messing with the Maid”.

So that should be interesting.

But riveting TV aside, Fall has a lot of work to do.

All that warm OT Summer put in has left the trees with nary a sign of color amongst its still thriving least for now.

But I’m sure Fall being Fall, and the hard little worker it is in its own seasonal way, it will swiftly have the nights closing in on the evening chill, and before we know it we’ll soon be witnessing a multitude of colorful swirls on our windswept lawns.

That and the thousands of renegade leaf blowers up and down the street on an early Saturday morning.  

So it’s important to find the treasures in each season as they come.

No matter how many ear shattering decibels they arrive with...not to mention the mold and ragweed allergies.

And as Z passed on to me, just this morning, through her old friend, Camus—whom I believe is a respiratory therapist she works with, or something—

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower....”

Something nice to think about...that and how many cases of Sam’s Octoberfest you should pick up before the weekend...

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  1. Brian, I'm so glad you're back writing! I know even a writer needs time off, but I've missed your quick wit and (slightly) sarcastic humor. It always makes my day even though I still picture you as that scrawny, (but very handsome) 5 year old that lived across the street from me in what seems like a lifetime ago. Your writing keeps me connected to that long ago time and makes me smile. :)

    1. Thanks, Pami! You can butter me up all you want but I still can't give you back those roller-skates....

    2. Well, it was worth a try, right? I know you still have them tucked away in your attic somewhere with your Robin Hood attire. ;) Enjoy the last of summer, my friend, and allow us Fall worshippers our time in the spotlight now...another summer will be here before you know it....

  2. Well now Brian a nice piece here quite poetic at times even lyrical if I may say so at this transitional time of the year. Our British summer arrived reluctantly and disappeared with indecent haste. But! never mind I am with you completely on the anticipation of October Fest and will imbibe a good few of Sam's along with a reasonable clattering of Erdinger weissbier. Been out and about myself this year so heres to you and yours prost!

    1. Nice to hear from you too, Cliff. And nice to see you out from under your nom de Ropey. The world deserves to see and hear the real you....not that I think there is any difference between the two....

    2. Yes I am no longer under the plume of anonymity not that I was ever really well hidden. Ropey is as Ropey does, I am working on a little stage presentation of various rhymes and if this comes to anything I'll post something on Youtube as evidence. Stay with it Brian I will visit your blog as usual although I have dumped Facebook as a pointless presence for such a great prose pedlar as I. ;-)

  3. Thanks for the beautiful quote contributed by Z. And thanks for finally returning. You have been greatly missed. Thanks again for your seasonal comments.

    1. Z says, "you're welcome!" Thanks for the missing, Joan. I just needed some time to myself, this summer to clear my head. Now that it's fall, I'm sure I'll be chained to the writing chair for a good long spell. Thanks to all or sticking with me. I may wander from time to time but I never stray so far that I can't find my way back...except when I get lost in the grocery store from time to time.....

  4. yes!! sam's octoberfest... we celebrated autumn with some cheers yesterday!

    1. And today you celebrate Thursday with some more...!

    2. hmmmmmm... now there's an idea...

  5. As long as there is no skim of light ice on the water, keep going to the beach ... and keep those beach chairs handy. Savor these days to remember them during the long cold Winter ahead. - Linda

    1. Thanks, Linda. You can count on it! Glad you were able to find a way on. But did you ever consider the problems you were having getting past the robot screener is because....maybe you ARE a robot....

    2. Well, I'm already an alien Brian, so why not a robot too? I switched browsers and went incognito! - Linda


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