Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Tomorrow & Today

We never know what Tomorrow will bring.

Truth is, Tomorrow usually shows up empty handed.

Just plops itself down on the couch, turns on HBO and immediately starts catching up on past seasons of “Game of Thrones”. All this while Today finishes up with whatever misperceived havoc we believe it’s managed to create in our lives over the last 24.

Yet, we all worry about Tomorrow...much to Tomorrow’s amusement, which plays right into the hands of Today.

In fact, Today has come to count on us keeping one eye turned to Tomorrow, so it can get away with a lot more crap knowing we’re distracted wondering how we’re going to avoid more of the same Tomorrow.

And as Today completes its business, Tomorrow just continues dropping popcorn kernels in-between the couch cushions while exchanging correspondence with Yesterday who’s already off sunning itself in the Caribbean.

Truth is, though...Today isn’t really trying to annoy us, at all. Today is doing its best, leaving subtle little nuggets of treasure behind.

A pretty red cardinal singing on your fencepost in the morning.

A gaggle of kids giggling and skipping on their way to school.

Two blue haired octogenarians gabbing on the corner, while their respective schnauzerdoodles get twisted in their leashes, only to end up licking each other’s tails...or parts thereof.

The schnauzerdoodles...not the blue haired octogenarians....

Today opens a crack of sunshine in an otherwise lifeless cloud, floats it across your face and sounds the first notes of “Let it Be” on the radio just as you start your car.

So much Today has to offer, missed because we’re too busy worrying about Tomorrow.

No wonder Today gets a little cranky at times.

And Tomorrow has a good laugh at Today’s expense.

Because Tomorrow knows Today works its butt off trying to please us, day in and day out...while Tomorrow’s up to “Thrones “episode three—season 6.

Yet Tomorrow’s the one on our minds.

What about Tomorrow?

Leave it til Tomorrow.

It’ll all be better tomorrow.

It could all be worse tomorrow.

Maybe Tomorrow?

We’ll worry about it Tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be here before we know it.

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow...all at the expense of Today.

You have to feel for poor Today.

We’re all looking right past it...right through to Tomorrow.

Until Tomorrow becomes Today...and well, you know.

We'll get to that Tomorrow....


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  1. Tomorrow never comes. There is only today and yesterday.

  2. What about the day before that...?

  3. What about the day before that...?

  4. Today rolls away at midnight, while tomorrow has been waiting patiently in the wings. But before tomorrow can jump in, a new today elbows him out of the way. The day before that? Must be yesterday, which is gone forever - except in our memories.

  5. Life is a continuous trilogy of days. Yesterday helps today to be tomorrows uncertainty. Today is the fulcrum of balance between yesterday and tomorrow. But I liked your article much better Brian.


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