Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A Better New Year – Disagree to Agree

Here we are...

A new day, a new week a new year...all rolled into one.

I guess.

Kind of like a great big meatball.

Except with artificial units of time rather than meat.

Which, to be honest, as a matter of course, you probably want to avoid any hint of artificiality in most things, especially meat.

So now, everyone feels as if they get a great big re-do...a fresh start.

You know, because of all the new artificial units of time lying ahead.

Which has nothing to do with meatballs, except they too are better if fresh.

Yeah...not much has changed.

Pointless silliness is still pointless silliness no matter what day, week or year it is.

For instance, I’m going to try, in this new artificial unit of time, avoiding people that disagree with me.

Makes sense right?


Well, if it doesn’t then you can just move along to the next blog down the hall.

Because I’ve had enough disagreement over the years.

Some people just love to argue.

So you might call those people argumentative.

But they would only disagree.

You might say, okay...I see your point.

And they would say, I don’t think you do.

You know?

No you don’t.

I don’t think you do know.

How could you?

Of course, now, you might say, no no, I’m beginning to see your point.

To which I respond, you think you do, but you really don’t.

In fact you’re missing the point entirely.

No, really, you’ll respond. I absolutely see your point. In fact I would take it a step further and say, it actually makes all your points more valid, now. It clears up a lot.

I doubt it clears up anything, I respond in kind. Certainly not anything that carries any weight.

Then, maybe you’re right, you’ll answer. Maybe I am missing the point entirely.

No, I’ll say. I’m sure you got some of it. Nobody misses all the’s impossible.

I don’t know...

Yes, you do.

See what I mean?

Of course you might be one of those people who are the opposite of argumentative.

You of those people who want to please everybody...all the they agree with everything you or anybody has to say.
No need to respond...I’m sure you concur.

Why wouldn’t you?

So, if you are one of these agreeable people, I’m planning to avoid you as well.

Because if I tell you, I’ve been stealing my elderly, home bound neighbor’s Meals on Wheels delivery every day and eating it for lunch, you’ll just say, Oh well, you were probably hungry...and besides, they've probably eaten enough over the years.

If I tell you I yelled at the little kids next door for making noise and waking me 2’ll just say, you had every right to get upset. Kids have to learn they can’t just make noise and have fun whenever they want...especially in the middle of the afternoon.

And if I tell you I need to sleep late because I break in and rob banks at night, you’ll say, well why wouldn’t you? Money doesn’t grow on trees.

I guess on the surface you might think the agreeable people aren’t so bad.

But of’d be wrong.

And now I’m sure you think I’m right.

Unless your one of the agreeable argumentatives...and then...oh why should I even bother.

So I’m looking forward to this New Year.

It should be pretty interesting.

I’m only going to deal with normal people.

If I can ever figure out where to find them.

I’d ask for suggestions but I’m sure none of you know. wouldn’t be here if you did....

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  1. go find "meatballs" on demand... "Attention, here's an update on tonight's dinner... It was veal. I repeat, veal. The winner of tonigh'ts mystery meat contest is Jeffery Corbin, who guessed, 'some kind of beef'." i wonder if it was fresh.

    1. I don't life feels like an on demand event most of the time. I should have known you'd focus on the meatball metaphor...

  2. bill murray is brilliant.. have you seen st. vincent? if not, catch it on demand.
    as for the meatballs, i suppose my transparency is clear. ;0)


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