Friday, March 24, 2017

Lying in “Truth”

Everyone wants the “truth”.

Why wouldn’t you?

I mean who wants a lie?

Unless you’re asking someone if your pants look okay.

Or if they can tell you had the garlic linguini for lunch?

Some people say the “truth” is relative.

That your “truth” is as valid as my “truth”...just different.

And then they run for public office.

I don’t know...and that is the “truth”.

I don’t think the “truth” is relative.

No matter how many “quote” marks you “wrap” around it.

I think the “truth” is the “truth”.

And everyone knows it’s the “truth”, but maybe don’t really want to admit it.

Or don’t want you to admit it...or know it.

So maybe they skew their perception of the “truth”. Put it through the wash cycle and clean it up. Then the spin cycle, polish it up and paint a happy face on it until it’s all very ““truthful” to them.

Then discuss it with a look of bewilderment, indicating how astonished they are you can’t see the “truth”.

What’s wrong with you...?

So dishonest.

So biased.

So unreasonable.

You just don’t want to see the “truth”.

You only want to see whatever will support your “truth”.

And ignore the rest.

Because, you’s not the “truth”.

But I think...if you have to work that hard to convey the “truth” and defend the “truth”...maybe it’s not.

Truth doesn’t make you squirm...make you sweat or even make you look dumb.

Truth doesn’t need to be revised, repositioned or repurposed.

Truth is just what it is.

You know it when you hear it.

It rings familiar; comforting as your own doorbell at the end of a long, lonely day.

It makes sense....even when we don’t like it.

Even if it’s a “truth” more unpleasant than pleasant.

Yet, even then, the discomfort lies in the fact...not the fact in the lies.

We can accept “unpleasant”, eventually move past it and try again.

But only with the “truth”...the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Not in the lie, dressed in a happy alternative “truth”.

Because once even a speck of the “truth” becomes suspect...avoided, deflected and stretched beyond recognition, it all falls under the same taint.

Even the “truth” that remains...especially the “truth that remains.

And that’s the shame of it all.

But to borrow from Agent Mulder, “The truth is out there”...and “truth” will always rise above the lie.

And then, so do we.

In a moment of “truth” do we.


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  1. You are 'Right On' as always Brian. You coined some great phrases there. I also think that honesty is a driver of truth hence "the honest truth". The ones I worry most about are those who promote their agenda's with glib sound bites based on half truths and deceitful explanations.

  2. transparency and truth. it's easy. like sunday morning.

    1. Depending on how your Saturday night went...of course....

    2. always thinking outside the box....i like it!


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