Thursday, June 29, 2017

Hometown Holiday Memories on the 4th of July

It’s time to strike up the band and fire up the grill!

Yep, it doesn’t seem possible but Fourth of July weekend is already upon us.

Just a month ago it was Memorial day sneaking back into town as we were busy putting our winter coats away and digging out the air conditioners during that little May heat wave we suffered through...then...turning around and dragging all those winter coats back down—again—and pulling those same air conditioners out of the windows—again—while we fired up our boilers with temps dropping back into the 40s.

 Ahhhh...May...ahhhh June.

So confusing

But such is the way of springtime, and now summer, here in my hometown and, I suppose, the rest of the northeast...but who cares about them.

Which is the nice thing about small town living,

Despite all the division, noise and hub bub spinning out of control in the real world, we small towners have an opportunity to step back, from time to time, and put all the insanity aside, if just for a weekend...and, even better, a holiday weekend.

And the holidays are what make small town living special; are what brings neighbors together.

It’s difficult to dwell on the negative—even though just saying the word “dwell” has such a nice ring to it—while watching lines of happy kids in scout uniforms marching down the Avenue in formation...or something that resembles a formation.

It all depends on whether the kid carrying the flag gets distracted.

All those happy faces lining the road, saluting and applauding the scout troops, the marching bands and school kids.

All of us, neighbors, from around the world whose families, at one time or another, chose to make our little village their home.

We came together on Memorial Day to salute our heroes and remember our family members, now gone, who once lined the very same Avenue as they too honored the past.

And now the 4th of July when we, again, gather to celebrate our freedoms, given to and valued by everyone.

Great memories all, because, well...memories should be great, especially holiday memories.

Memories are really just windows through which we look back and polish ordinary moments into special moments.

Take out the bad and embellish the good...unless we’re talking about that 8th grade field trip to...and...well...maybe some other time.

Sure, a lot of those special holiday moments have to do with Grandma’s famous potato salad, with her secret ingredient, or Uncle Ray’s always burnt chicken, and his not so secret heartburn.
And what about the time Aunt Alice tossed her horseshoe over the fence and into the neighbor’s pool?

Memories don’t get any more special than fees aside.

But, as I’ve said in the past, for anyone growing up in P.C., memories of July 4th have always been special, no embellishments or secret ingredients needed.

And this year will be no exception...especially since we’re able to actually celebrate on the 4th again, because the 4th of July on the 9th of July, last year, was waaaaay too confusing (long story). Not that the fireworks weren’t great, as usual, but if you were waiting on line for your annual Strawberry Shortcake ice cream bar, you might have missed them.

And I need my Strawberry Shortcake.

Nope...this year we’re back on track. The stadium and surrounding lawns will again be filled with happy holiday faces, waving flags, twirling glow sticks, laughing and buzzing, ooohhing and awwwwwing, catching up with friends, old and new, looking forward to the summer ahead.

A slice of apple pie with a scoop of contentment; a sense of unity, happy and safe, at home with our neighbors.

Wayward horseshoes and heartburn included....especially the heartburn.

It’s the 4th of July... strike up the band and fire up the grill!

It’s what Hometown Holiday memories are all about....


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  1. Love "A slice of apple pie with a scoop of contentment; a sense of unity, happy and safe, at home with our neighbors." You have me sighing here with nostalgia myself ...

    1. Well, thanks...but it could be allergies, as well. And don't you find you can never go wrong with food metaphors?

  2. Another party? Whatever next? Probably another party no doubt. Although I have to agree that American Apple pie is a most enjoyable treat. " Wistful sigh' Before we overtaxed the tea.

    1. No offense...but thanks for wearing all the red coats...

  3. Dwell has a nice ring to it because it rhymes with bell. That is what you thought sort of subliminally.

    1. Possible...although I was proably thinking, "I hope I finish this thing so I can get to the beach...

    2. How do you know when you are finished?

  4. Brian - loved this one and I agree with Terry Marotta ... the "slice of apple pie with a scoop of contentment etc." got me too. I never lived in that small of a town, but it make me want to pack up and move to one right away. I have a high school friend that has lived in Honeoye Falls, a small "village" in Monroe County, NY. I hear her stories about the City's festivals, the residents who come together to help out one another, and she lives right next to a wooded area. The deer are in her backyard ... I am envious. -Linda Schaub

    1. "Well, start packing and get going on the next chapter, then. The "Schaub Blog" would take on a whole new perspective...!

  5. it's the most wonderful time of the year!

  6. Is there a song for that? It seems there should be a song...?

    1. yes... it plays in august. on the staples commercials. ;0)


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