Friday, December 22, 2017

Holly Jolly - One Looooooong Night

Boy...was last night a loooooooong night or what?

Like the longest night of the year, long.

Not sure why.

Maybe because I was reading through the new tax bill, looking for my name on the list of new Christmas tax cut recipients.

But I couldn’t find it, so I finally gave up.  But I’m sure it’s in there somewhere.

They don’t lie about that kind of thing.

Mostly because Santa will get mad and not bring any presents if you lie.

So it was a loooooong night.

Winter Solstice has arrived and with it the sun now begins its loooooooong climb back to summer....eventually, after enjoying the holidays, like all the other celestial bodies.

Everything shuts down for Christmas...even the sun.

And climb it will, up, up, up...until, in just a few short weeks, we’ll be saying...
“Hey, it’s after 5 and it’s still light out!”
Mostly because we are a boring people...or maybe that’s just me.

Anyway, we’re over the hump, as they say, and it’s all downhill from here, as they also say.

But what they don’t say is we still have to get through winter, especially if you live in the northern part of the country.

If you live in the southern part of the country we don’t care what you say, mostly because you get too much sun and wear down parkas and earmuffs when the temp hits the unimaginable low of 55 degrees.

Of course these southern folks could be mistakenly going by the Celsius reading, instead of Fahrenheit, which would put it at about 13 or more accurately 12.7778 degrees and that would seem least to them.

But of course, I digress....again...generally because it helps with my word count.

Anyway, Z and I enjoyed a relatively quiet Winter Solstice, this year.

You might recall we stopped throwing our annual Winter Solstice shindig a few years ago, which, unfortunately, had started getting a bit out of hand.

The animosity between the Druids and the Mystics got to the point you couldn’t leave them alone, even for even a minute, without having to deal with some sort of disfigurement situation.

Plus, it was getting harder and harder to convince any of them to volunteer for the human sacrifice ritual.

On top of all that, the original purpose of the annual Solstice Bacchanalia, back in the day, was to celebrate like there’s no tomorrow, because a lot of folks couldn’t be sure they’d survive the harsh winter, party on and hope for the best!

Not so much anymore. If anything, our guest list kept expanding every year...and that doesn’t even include the Zombies Across the Street, who are always dying to attend...figuratively speaking...sort of.

So with that, not to mention the rising price of shrimp, we had to reluctantly put an end to the party, even though the Zombies don’t get it and still show up, milling about on the front lawn all night.

Anyway, as I was saying, we spent the solstice taking a quick post shopping, no pressure, walk through the mall, mainly so we could get away from the Zombies, festive as they are, and mock all the last minute shoppers, while enjoying the look of desperation on their faces.

And that was just the pretzel line.

There’s also something uniquely satisfying about approaching a sales clerk, who will unfailingly ask if we need help, just so we can laugh maniacally in their face.

Even if the security guy on the Segway follows us around the rest of the night.

Afterwards, we stopped into one of our favorite places for a quick bite along with a little liquid refreshment.

Luckily, the neighbors weren’t home this time and we were able to fix ourselves whatever we pleased. However, I did leave a note asking if they’d consider picking up some brown mustard over the yellow, next time.

Then we slipped in our back door, which allowed us to avoid the Zombies, and settled in for the longest of looooong winter’s night.

Yeah, we still have quite a bit of winter to get through, but somehow we always manage to tough it out ‘til spring.

The sun is on the rise...and’s 4:31...and it still light out...sort of!


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  1. Very good and we are cheered in the anticipation of less and less gloom not mention the interim hangovers of the party season. I personally feel upbeat about new things in the year to come. Seasons Greetings to you and yours

    1. Thanks, Cliff. Same to you and yours! One of these days we'll get to London for a Dickens Christmas and we can share a Holiday grog...or whatever it is you chaps drink over there...

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. You are most welcome and knowing you Yankees are partial to the odd pub or two I would recommend Dirty Dicks in Bishopsgate (linked to Dickens)and The Dickens Inn 50 St Katharine's Way, St Katharine's & Wapping, London E1W 1UH. The Dickens museum is in Margate on the Kent coast. By the way, we drink anything.


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