Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Halloween on the Move

So we finally had Halloween, here, in town, last Friday.

Kind of weird…but kind of empowering to know that we could do that.

Move Halloween.

I mean, I know it was an extraordinary circumstance, but you know how these things go…once they find out they can do a thing…then they decide why not do it again.

So who knows…maybe next time they’ll just decide to move Summer…the whole season.

Just up and move it to January where we can really use it.

Not a bad idea.

But then how would we fill up June and July?


I guess we could slide up Spring.

June and July can be hot sometimes, so Spring might be nice.

But then that leaves Fall hanging with Winter.

I don’t know…this is all above my pay grade,

Actually, buying toothpaste is above my pay grade.

So I guess we’ll just have to leave it to the politicians.

They know what they’re doing….


Anyway, back to Halloween…or what passed for Halloween.

It was kind of sparse.

In fact, the Zombies across the street missed the whole thing.

Can you believe that?

I guess when you take into account that Zombies rarely watch the news or read the papers…you know, because of all the bad press…it kind of makes sense.

The Vampires had a family thing, out of town, so they weren’t home.

And the Witches said they’re hearts just weren’t in it…no joke.

Believe that?

You know how much it takes for a witch to lose heart?

I mean their own?

So who do you think stepped up and saved the day?

No…not the Mummies.

The Mummies moved out of the neighborhood years ago…ever since they got all wrapped up in that antiquities thing.

Something about trying to pass of uncertified sarcophaguses as authentic.

Such a mess.

No…it was the Werewolves of all people…or lycanthropes.

To their credit they saw an opportunity and they pounced all over it.

And the kids loved it. They were really eating the wolves up…which was a nice change.

And except for all the howling, that went way late into the night, the rest of the neighborhood was thrilled to see them out there enjoying themselves again, after all this time.

And since there was only a quarter moon, instead of the full moon that came with the real Halloween this year, the drooling was held to a minimum.

So I guess it all worked out. 

Even without the Zombies.

Who knows…maybe this’ll be just the wakeup call they need to get their heads screwed back on straight.

If that’s even possible….

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