Friday, November 30, 2012

Goodbye November

Goodbye November….

You tried…I guess…but this year you were a real turkey of a month.

Get it… turkey of a month?


Maybe because I ignored November from the start.

I usually have something to say about the start of each new month, even if only in passing.

But since November snuck into town on the heels of the “Super Storm”, it went largely unnoticed.

So I suppose if I were a month that would put my nose a little out of joint also…if I were a month…and had a nose.

But so many people spent the majority of November’s first half in the dark; some even now, believe it or not. Who had time, let alone the ability to see a calendar?

To be honest—which I guess implies that most times I’m not—a lot of folks didn’t even care what month it was; all they cared about was getting warm.

And just as November was beginning to flex its schadenfreude muscle and unabashedly relish in October’s misfortune at losing Halloween…we end up pushing Halloween right into November.

Like November—schadenfreude asidewas prepared to take on Halloween and all the Zombies, Vampires and endless bags of candy that accompany it?

And the fact that October took the opportunity to knock off early and opened its condo in Boca a week ahead of schedule this year, didn’t make November any less bitter.

I mean November has always had a bit of a complex anyway.

It’s kind of like Thursday in that way.

Close but no cigar.

Everyone loves Friday…but Thursday…not so much to write home about…especially on Wednesday night.

Admit it, how many times on a Wednesday night did you moan and say, “Ughhhh…I wish tomorrow was Friday instead of Thursday.”

Same with November.

Turkeys and Pilgrims notwithstanding, November’s really got nothing to write home about either.

All the colorful foliage of fall is past and for the most part moldering on your lawn in November, which requires raking.

The retailers have pretty much ignored your one big day and already jumped ahead to Christmas decorating and every other yuletide this and that.

In fact, most people can’t even wait for Thanksgiving to be put to bed before they start their Christmas shopping mania.

And, like I said, on top of all that, this year November had to figure out what to do with all those little ghouls and goblins clogging up the streets.

November is just not suited for ghouls and goblins. 

Not many months are.

So who could blame November for acting out a little by dumping 4 inches of snow on us just before the re-sched.

Then it opened up the door and let all this artic air slip in from Canada.

I mean, yeah…it is a brrrrrrrrr month, but who can remember the last morning we woke up with the thermometer above the 30’s?

But now it’s done…almost.

So November had a bad month….big deal.

Who didn’t?

It’s entitled.

Besides, one of the good things about November is that no one really notices much about it anyway.

That’s just how it is with border months.

I mean does anybody notice much about March, unless you’re Irish or have a birthday in March?

Not really…we’ve all got our eye set on April and December.

But there is one good thing that came out of this November.

I finally got to use schadenfreude in a story…three times!

So thanks, November…no hard feelings…we’ll see you again next year and try again….

And watch the schadenfreude …no good ever came from that kind of thing.

Besides…you’re better than that.

Four times!


  1. Ode to Joy. Long may it live. Just try to avoid Weltschmerz, and you'll be OK. Are you going to move April l, April Fool's Day? That's my favorite. I could do without Groundhog Day, for I feel sorry for that poor little fellow, grabbed out of his bed, forced to see daylight when he was in the middle of a wonderful groundhog type dream.

    1. My weltschmerz is just fine, thank you. It’s everyone else that has a problem. But what can you do?

      April Fools is solid. It would be just plain silly to move it. And, as you describe it, every day is groundhog day for me….


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