Friday, May 24, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend is Upon Us

Memorial Day Weekend is upon us.

That sounds a little weird doesn’t it?

Especially since it’s also the title and it seems as if I’m saying it twice.

I suppose I could just let the title speak for itself and assume that you’ve read it, so I don’t need to repeat it.

But how can I be sure that you’re not a bunch of title scoffers out there who routinely ignore the headline and jump right into the body of the story?

I mean, I know my readers and I wouldn’t put that kind of aberrant title reading behavior past any of you.

You’re just that wild.

But I digress…again.

Anyway, Memorial Day Weekend is upon us…and that does sound a little weird doesn’t it?

For a couple of reasons…other than I’ve now said it three times….

One…how does a day become a weekend?

A day is a day…a weekend is a couple of days…sometimes three.

So it’s confusing…at least to me.

But what isn’t?

Second, it just seems early for Memorial Day.

Memorial Day used to be observed on May 30th, originally as a tribute to all of our fallen soldiers.

That later evolved to include the remembrance of everyone who has gone before us, which many people commemorated by planting flowers and placing American flags and such at grave sites all over the country.

Now, however, since the late 60’s, in order to create a long three day weekend, Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday of the month, which can be as early as the 25th; and, to a lot of people, the only meaning  they assign to it these days is as the “Unofficial Start of Summer” and another 70% off sale at Kohl's.

So aside from calendar confusion, the whole point of the observance has kind of lost its original intent.

But hey, how can the fallen dead expect to compete with hamburgers and hot dogs, not to mention the Star Wars Marathon on Spike TV.

 I don’t know…I guess you can’t blame people for losing sight of the larger significance. 

Or you can, but, really…we’re all guilty to an extent.

We see Memorial Day creeping up on the calendar, no matter when it falls, and we immediately start thinking about losing those few extra pounds that’ll make the difference between a couple of people not noticing us on the beach to a lot of people not noticing us on the beach.

We rush to get all of our holdover winter clothes put away—despite the recent 40 degree temps— get our screen doors in and dust off the air conditioners.

All the while wondering why someone is playing taps down at the park.

Anyway, I just dug out my shorts and I have to get some sun on my fish belly legs before I frighten the small dog down the street, again.

The beaches officially open today…its Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start of summer!

It sounds like there’s a parade marching down Main Street to celebrate.

That’s just how much people love Memorial Day...the unofficial start of summer.

Why, you ask?

Haven’t you been paying attention?

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