Friday, November 14, 2014

Polarizing Vortex...really?

It’s a big story, right now…
“Polar Vortex Returns!”

How polarizing.

Not sure why.

We used to just call it "Frickin Cold"...or some variation...throw a hoodie on under our jackets and maybe a vest, depending on the degree of frozen nostril we were experiencing, and go about our day.

Now we assign a fancy name to it, buy a $500 North Face jacket, then stay inside and post about how "Frickin Cold" it is...."

Which is what I’m doing….

But maybe I’m missing something…cuz I don’t think it’s all that cold.

At least not here...where I my house...with the heat on....

I mean it’s November.

Cold happens.

Sometimes even snow.

What’s the headline then?

Cold and Snow…”The President’s to Blame!”

And don’t let me hear a sound from all the fall, cozy, schmozy, leaf peeping, cider drinking, pumpkin picking people, about how cold it is.

Okay…you can make a sound.

That’s an unrealistic expectation of me to ask.

Fall, cozy, schmozy, leaf peeping, cider drinking, pumpkin picking people are known for their shrieks of delight.

So I’d expect a few Brrrrrrrrrrr….sounds out of that bunch.

But please keep it to a minimum.

I warned you this was coming.

I mean, what good would all the cozy wool sweaters and toasted tootsies by the fire be without some frigid temps. 

And you wanted frost on the pumpkin.

So now you have it.

And it’s gonna get a lot worse.

But not for a while.

I still have my beach chairs in the car.

So we’re good….for a while.

Until I take them out.

But I’m not…for a while.

So the nice weather will be back.

I can do that….

But don’t tell anybody.

Just ignore the headlines and take it as it comes.

Polar Vortex….

Just a fancy name for “Frickin Cold!”

It’s November…cold happens….
Gotta go turn up the heat.





  1. Replies
    1. I'm guessing it's a fur thing.... Funny pics over the weekend.

  2. The cable networks are in a downward spiral so they need to make some news fast! Just came from the grocery store where people are stocking up to weather out the near 40 degrees weather predicted for the rest of this week.


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