Friday, October 3, 2014

It’s fall!

It’s been fall now for almost two weeks and, well…what’re you gonna do?

It’s fall!

It’s fall!

It’s fall!

What’re you gonna do?


I know…get used to it…go with the flow…go with the fall.

It’s fall!

Not that I have anything against fall.

It’s just that it’s not spring, season of hope…let alone summer, season of slack.

It’s fall!


Actually, it’s a pretty nice season…in my top three, as seasons go.

Summer, spring, fall….

I won’t tell you what number 4 is.

In fact, if fall didn’t have such a silly name attached to it, it could possibly move up into the second slot.

I suppose it could have been worse…it could have been called “slip” or “trip”…if we’re going with the clumsy connotations.

Maybe even “plop” or “flop”.

But it’s not…

It’s fall!

And for the most obvious of’s the time of year when the leaves fall.

As opposed to spring…when they don’t.

The leaves spring in spring…along with everything else…including my Aunt Sarah, who usually throws out her hip while—well, never mind.

Of course if you don’t care for the name fall…you can always go with the more aristocratic, hoity toity, autumn.

In fact the British use autumn, almost exclusively over fall…even if they’re not particularly hoity toity at all…but just sound that know, because they’re Brits and everything they say sounds hoity toity...even hoity toity….

So you can go down that road, if you prefer…but take your time because that road is probably covered with leaves, by now, and might be a tad slippery…just like my logic.

But whatever you choose to call it…it’s here now, and it’s gonna be here right up until a few days before Christmas.

So there’s that to consider about fall as well.

Fall…or autumn…is home to just about all of the happiest holidays of the year.

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Z’s Birthday and the Gaelic festival of Samhain…most of which have nothing at all in common. But if you’re in any way livestock related, you want nothing to do with fall…or the Irish…once Samhain rolls into town.

Just sayin….

And of course, the fall lovers, which you’ll generally find to be of the optimistic, “My glass is half full and I’m happy to have it”, sort—as opposed to the more pessimistic, My Pina Colada is half empty, so send over another before they run out”, summer folk—love to revel in all the  crisp cool air and bright sunny days; colorful foliage, apples and cider…cider and apples; scarecrows and witches; Turkeys and Pilgrims, standing guard on every lawn, right alongside frosted pumpkins, horns of plenty and even horns of Good & Plenty.

It’s fall!

They shout it on every wind swept street and vibrant mountain trail….

It’s fall!

They hum while they rake and sing while they pies, pumpkin pies and holiday family feasts.

They come alive this time of year, these fall loving, autumn huggers, until they wear us down; we the summer, spring and even winter lovers, carrying us over to their side.

For the next three months, there’s no denying it…we might as well throw a log on the fire, face it, embrace it and yeah…even enjoy it.

It’s fall!

So, pass the cider and save me a drumstick…and get the snow shovels ready, while you’re at it

I said I’d enjoy it…not be any less pessimistic about it.

It’s fall!

What’re you gonna do?



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  1. That lovely old English expression 'Fall'. However, we British sadly became infected with so many French phrases (At least thirty thousand) that we adopted words like Autumn. At least with Fall the leaves and temperatures descend towards Winter. Love that beautiful tree picture.

    1. Thanks, Ropey. Glad to hear you've only been infected by the French phrases and nothing else.... Carry on!


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