Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Self & Soul—what a pair....

We’ve just emerged from the dark of the moon; a time when some say the veil between worlds thins and crossing through becomes possible…if you’re not careful.

Which I normally am, but sometimes, especially while watching “The Mindy Project”, I get distracted and…well, you know.

Suddenly I’m on the other side, which is annoying because they don’t get “The Mindy Project” over there…at all, not just on a creative level, which I eventfully determined has nothing to do with Mork.

Okay, I know…stuff like this is hard to track, if you’re not used to it.

Most people think all this dark of the moon talk is just mystical hocus pocus, framed metaphorically as a time of looking inward to commune with the deepest levels of “Self”, listening to the longings of “Soul”.


Like I said… hard to track, if you’re not used to it.

Especially if your particular “Self” and “Soul” are a couple of jokesters who would like nothing better than to lure you into doing something silly.

But maybe that’s just me.

I’m sure your “Self” and “Soul” are just fine.

Mine just have a twisted sense of humor.

Not sure why.

Anyway, the first thing I do when I find myself on the other side is to look for their version of Dunkin Donuts, which is similar to ours, except without the calories and breakfast sandwiches.

I can wolf down about 2 dozen Honey Dips and another of Boston Creams without even a hiccup. Also, their coffee is a lot better than their coffee over here. Plus you never have to repeat your order more than twice, and their gift cards never expire, which is good because you can’t really be sure when you’ll slip between the veil again and get back.

But that kind of stuff is just the between worlds perks, as it were.

The real reason you slip between worlds is, like I said, to commune with “Self” and discover the essential longings of “Soul”.

Which in my case is a package of Strawberry Twizzlers, the movie theater kind, not the kind they sell at the supermarket, which I’m constantly reminded is different…even though I don’t see it.

But who am I to argue with “Soul”? 

I’ve always been intimidated by any narcissist that insists on being referred to by a single name.

One of the misconceptions of the other side is that it’s inhabited only by the souls of those who have departed from our side of the veil.

Uh uh…not true.

The others side is where all souls congregate, no matter what particular plane of existence we happen to be navigating at any given time. A central location where our essential selves come together and reside for all eternity…sort of like the Motor Vehicle Department…without the attitude.

And, as you can imagine, with that sort of overcrowding, every now and again, it’s easy for you to lose touch with your soul for a while, like the time my soul hooked up with Kim Kardashian’s soul, which I refer to as my soulless period.

But luckily there are only 110 episodes of her TV show available on Hulu…for I only lost a long three day weekend and—if we’re being honest—I could afford to miss a few meals.

But, that’s all in the past, as is the dark of the moon, as we welcome the new crescent moon—my favorite moon—and hopefully incorporate the lessons of “Self” and “Soul” into our refreshed lives…Kardashians and Twizzlers aside.

Of course, now we have to deal with yet another Mercury Retrograde, which seems to occur every other week and is reputedly the source of all kinds of havoc. 

Come on Mercury…you look like a runner…try to keep up!
Do I have to stay on top of everything….?




  1. I was completely engrossed with such thought fodder although I am slightly perplexed by 'the other side' scenario. We have a saying over here "I have a job on the side" Which means a day job and perhaps an evening job. Do they have jobs on the other side? Sort of a limbo activity?

  2. Go Mercury!

    Limbo no longer exists. I think it has gone to the other side where stuff just evaporates in a puff of smoke.

    1. That sounds like al lot of the places I used to frequent back in the 70's and 80's....

    2. maybe i need a running outfit like that...

    3. I think Ropey has a hat like that you can borrow. Not sure about the winged shoes, though....

    4. i was really hoping for the winged shoes...


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