Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Send In The Clones

I sometimes wonder what it would be like to have a clone of myself around the house.

So I’ve been working on that in my free time…especially when it rains

You know…create an exact replica to do all the things that need doing, that I don’t want to do.

Which is most everything that involves some sort of participation on my part....

Taking out the garbage…mowing the lawn…shoveling snow…brushing my teeth….

However, my fear is that since it is a clone of myself, it would figure out a way to sit around doing nothing and get me to do all those things for him.

Then I’d have to do twice as much.

So I have to be careful.

It’s not as easy as it sounds.

Plus it would be annoying to have to watch my clone constantly checking his Facebook likes, which are actually my Facebook likes, because my clone would probably think Facebook is beneath him, and not worthy of the time and effort he would have to put in to it in order to have his own account.

Which I’m kind of happy about.

Because I could just see all of my FB “Friends” dumping me and “Friending” him…clone or not.

How sad would that be?

My “Friends” finding my clone more interesting than me.

Even though it’s exactly me.

So now, basically, I’m annoying myself.


The way I peel a banana annoys me. Do I have to roll up the peel like that…every time?

The way I throw my dirty laundry on top of my other dirty laundry, under the bed, annoys me…especially since I apparently have no concept of separating whites from colors.

Not to mention that annoying way I make myself feel insecure by silently shaking my head and walking away.

Who needs that kind of judgment? Especially from someone who’s exactly like me in the first place.

Like he thinks he’s better than me?

Not possible.

Besides, I can get that kind of judgment from any number of outside sources.

Who needs it from a clone?

So I guess I’ll just forget the whole thing.

I wasn’t that far along, anyway.

In fact writing this was pretty much it.

It would probably be better if I made a clone of Z.

Then Z could take a break and not have to do so much.

Which would give her a lot more free time to see what I do with most of my time.


Maybe cloning's not such a good thing to mess with.

Even though it is raining.

I think I’ll Google nuclear fission.

That seems like a safer way to go.




  1. Just do it. And then clone the clone. Is that a song title? Like Begin the Beguine?

    1. Not to mention the outrageous Amazon bills....

    2. Well, it's like diamonds. You can't have too many Brians!

  2. if you figure it out, let me know..... i am trying to train the boarders but they are resistant....
    some days it's just easier to take a cue from the wookie. move from bed to bed, couch to couch, eat a little, drink a little, play a little, tinkle and then find another bed and snore.

    1. Just add in "write a little...very little" and you've just described most of my days.....

  3. Great post I enjoyed it so much that I cloned it so I could hang it on my kitchen wall. To keep my family guessing "Which one is which?" or "is he for real?" It fits in rather nicely with this little idea:

    Ive often wondered what I'd say
    If I met me on the street one day
    Would I laugh or maybe cry
    Or simply walk on swiftly pass me by

    1. I guess it would depend on which hat the other you was wearing....


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