Monday, February 2, 2015

Me and My Shadow

I've been getting calls from people asking if I see my shadow.

Don't know what that's about....

Aren’t there rodents for that?


Apparently the groundhog wasn’t able to get out of his driveway, this morning, due to the excessive accumulation of ice and snow.

But why is that my problem?

I couldn’t help even if I wanted to…despite my semi-rounded chin.

My shadow and I haven’t spoken in years…not since 2010.

We couldn’t agree on boundaries.

I wanted a little more space but my shadow wanted to stay under foot…all the time…like it was watching my every move.

Not good.

And now for some reason people are throwing my shadow back in my face.

It’s always something.


I mean, has my shadow decided to start talking smack about me again?

Hey…it wasn't my idea to get so long and drawn out at the beach that day.

My shadow was getting into everything…and everybody.

So I did the only thing I could.

I sat under the umbrella…for the rest of the month.

My shadow didn’t like that.

Said I was ruining its summer.

Can you believe that?

I was ruining my shadow’s summer….

Talk about self-centered.

I know…it sounds a little far-fetched, which is not like me at all.


The idea that a person can have a falling out with his shadow…someone other than Peter Pan.

But I bet some of you already have and don’t even know it.

Think about it.  When was the last time you actually saw your shadow? 

When was the last time you actually looked for it, let alone paid it attention?


It could have taken off years ago and you never even knew.

Which was probably the problem in the first place.

Shadows are prone to insecurity; they feel people look right through them, so they’re never sure if they’re being taken seriously.

Then, one day, they leave…without saying a word…at least not to you….not directly.

So by now you’re probably looking for your shadow and you feel relieved to see it, right there wrapped around the chair, next to you.

And now you’re ready to give it it’s due…maybe.

But are you sure that’s your original shadow?

Are you sure that’s not just some “rebound” shadow, who stepped in when it saw a void.

Yeah…that’s what these “rebound” shadows do….and then they’re just as clingy, if not more clingy, than the original.

And since you don’t pay attention to your shadow in the first place…what do you care?

Sorry…I guess I hit my own nerve. 

Look at me, now; sticking up for the shadows.

Maybe I was too hard on my shadow.

Maybe I should go find it and make things right.

Yeah…so what if that mean 6 more weeks of winter?

At least I’ll have my shadow back.

I guess I kinda missed having it around, after all.

Strolling down the avenue just hasn’t been the same.






  1. Be nice to your shadow, for he protects you from bad guys. He is wise, for he knows that evil lurks in the hearts of men.

    1. I have a shadow named Lamont....?

    2. Cranston? By George, I know him from bygone years.


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