Friday, October 9, 2015

Embracing Fall

I embraced the fall about 3:42 PM.

I was wearing shorts at the time, but still embraced it, nonetheless.

So that’s done....

And, surprisingly—or not so surprisingly, depending on your point of view—the whole thing occurred pretty seamlessly.

No great rumbles...or swirling winds. 

Not even a bolt of lightning.

It actually just slipped into the middle of my very ordinary afternoon while I was stuck waiting for the light to change, outside the Stop & Shop.

You know, the endless light that takes forever to cycle through a half dozen different traffic patterns before you get your very brief turn to go.

And if that little old lady you graciously allowed to cut you off in the parking lot creeps through at the exact last moment before it changes to then end up staring into space for about 10 minutes waiting...and waiting...and waiting...and waiting some more.

However, this time the long wait was different. In fact, it was actually a good thing as I found myself staring into the little green park across the street, mesmerized by the bright, flaming orange leaves bedecking one specific tree.

I suppose it was some sort of Maple that beguiled with its bedecking (hey, how many times does one get to use variations of bedeck in a year?)

“Wow...look at all the bedecking on that cool orange tree”, I said to least after I finished cursing the little old lady.

And as I glanced up the hill to see “Grandma” ( don’t think she was someone’s grandma?) and her 18 year old Subaru putt putt putting away into the distance, I was again bedazzled and beguiled, by the multi-colored bedecking across a solitary row of treetops, belitted by the afternoon sun...and yes, I made belitted up, just because I could.

It was then that I felt it, along with the 55-ish nippy degree breeze that blew up my suddenly noticeable out of season was, indeed, fall. 

Summer was most definitely past and, now, more than the calendar framed the transformation.

To everything there is a season and all that other “Polly Positive” turn turn turn...cra...uh, “stuff”.

So now the season is really fall.


As I sat at that endless light, taking in the brilliance surrounding me, I truly felt it for the very first time: I was right in the middle of the middle of fall.

Suddenly, I had a craving for wood fires, sweaters and turtlenecks, apple cider and all things pumpkin...but only the all things I don’t have to consume, since I hate the taste of pumpkin.


And while you might not think this is such a big deal, you need to understand that for me, this was huge.

Change has always been hard for me.  Once I’m locked into a pattern, it takes quite a lot to get me to move on.

I mean I only gave up the mutton chops and bell bottoms a few of years ago. And I still can’t bear to part with my powder blue leisure suit.  

Hey, is it my fault that polyester is indestructible?

So to actually embrace a new season, while still practically in its infancy, was indeed a moving on moment of momentousness... mostly....for me....

And if it hadn’t been for yet another little old lady honking her horn behind me, as the light had, at some point, apparently turned to green and was already changing to yellow, I might have sat there the entire afternoon, soaking it all in.

But instead, I stepped on the gas, leaving “Grandma #2” stuck at the red, and wished her the same epiphanous revelation that I had just experienced.

But I don’t think she appreciated it as much as I did, because the hand gesture she shot back at me was clearly not a thumbs up.

Oh well...fall... not everyone gets it....


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  1. you're an old lady magnet. and today was a shorts day, so much for fall.

  2. This old lady declares that you are bewitched by the time and tides, by the spring, summer, winter and fall, by the motion of the planets, by the whole doggone mystery of the universe.

    1. Bewitched and beguiled, for sure...but still working on bewonderful....

  3. Nice one Brian particularly liked "You know, the endless light that takes forever to cycle through a half dozen different traffic patterns before you get your very brief turn to go." I thought only happened over here.

    1. too. Just on the other side of the road....


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