Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Small Victories For a New Year

Another year draws to a close and after a lot of decades spent chasing dreams, I’ve finally figured something out.

Life is about the small victories…not the big.

You know...the little things that stitch together your personal world, every single day.

Staying healthy.

Having a roof over your head.

A bed to sleep in.

A premium cable package with HBO, Starz, Encore…and Showtime…plus on demand.

Instead of spending your days fretting if you’ll ever write that life changing novel, how about being happy with that long overdue letter you finally wrote to your long ago best friend that made him or her cry...even though it was supposed to be funny and you thought they wore those odd socks on purpose.

Instead of beating yourself up over how long it’s taking you to get into that corner office, how about being happy you actually have a job...and doesn’t everybody love the fry guy.

Instead of envying your friends who can afford to jet off to warmer climes, every winter, how about being happy that you were able to squeeze another winter out of your boiler...despite the constant squealing from your CO2 detectors.

Okay...maybe your neighbor’s kid just finished law school in 18 months...shouldn’t you be happy that your 40 year old son still likes his old room and is available to help out around the house...or at least makes suggestions.

And you have to admit, there’s something to be said for creating a safe, comfortable, loving environment that encourages that kind of familial closeness and devotion...not to mention rent free accommodations. 

So why do we waste our days longing for that one big score that will set us up for life when our lives are filled with thousands of little scores that present themselves every day? 

Like when the dry cleaner delivers someone else’s laundry to your door, which is so much nicer than your own...and almost fits. 

Or your new boss, unlike your old boss, doesn’t notice you have the ability to sleep with your eyes open.

And isn’t it a blessing when your favorite restaurant doesn’t make a stink over your credit card being denied and agrees to impound your car only until you can pay off your bill.

I mean, how often do you fall into that kind of generosity?

Sure, we all set out in our youths to create the life we imagine?

But let’s face it...not everyone is going to find a cure for excessive ear wax, or, barring that, find a way to utilize it as an energy source.

Sometimes you just have to recognize that finally understanding you need to change the oil in your car more than once every ten years is a victory.

Some of the happiest people in the world are those who never allowed themselves to look further into the future than the day they almost figured out Velcro.

Then and only then, would they allow themselves to set their sights on shoelaces...but not before snaps.

So as in everything else, it’s all just a matter of perspective.

Big dreams are worth dreaming, but not to the point of turning our lives into nightmares.

Taking life as it comes might just be the biggest dream we can aspire to; an accomplishment onto itself.

Recognizing the small victories over the big.

Now that’s a win win...or maybe just a win.

Don’t want to get ahead of myself....


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  1. "...squeeze another winter out of your boiler..." I thought you meant me, the reader. Then I saw the CO, and knew you meant that thing in the cellar.

    1. Pami (Brian's friend from another lifetime)December 31, 2015 at 11:16 AM

      Joan, I always love reading your comments...you should write a blog of your own, or maybe you already do! Happy New Year to you!

    2. Through the wonders of Google I was able to ascertain your meaning re: the alternate boiler. Your version is actually funnier. Pami's right. You should share your gems with the world...or again, as Pami said...maybe you do....

  2. A very introspective and inspiring blog, Brian. Hopefully "everyone" will remember these well written words of wisdom! Happy New Year to you and Z! Enjoy 2016!

    1. Thanks, Pami. I figure if I keep writing them maybe I'll actually get myself one day. Happy New year, y'all!

  3. i have a love of small victories...(today i felt victorious!) and how when i walk into the local italian market on friday evenings to pick up pizza they greet me like norm on cheers and of course always give me some extra something something...food, i mean food!!! it's the little things.

    1. I hope you leave a BIG tip for the extra something something. Besides,you're already bigger than Norm...you're the route 4 billboard girl!

    2. I hope you leave a BIG tip for the extra something something. Besides,you're already bigger than Norm...you're the route 4 billboard girl!

    3. always a big tip...it goes both ways... hahaha yes route 4 billboard girl...those were the days.


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