Friday, January 1, 2016

Another New Year – Happy?

Another new year just rolled into town.

365 new days...minus whatever amount of time has passed since you finally got around to reading this.

You’ll have to do the math on that.  I can’t do everything for you.

Let alone count....

Yeah...nothing changes.

Same ol’ same ol’....

Which means something...but I’m not sure what.

You probably don’t either.

It’s just something people say, so we assume it means something.

Like...“Pass the salt”....

What the hell is that supposed to mean?

But we hear others saying it, so we do too.

“Pass the salt...” 

What next....pepper?

Go figure.

Like, “Auld Lang Syne”.

You probably heard a lot of that last night and didn’t even question it.

Just something you hear on New Year’s Eve.

It’s actually a Scottish term that means...wait for it... “Old Long Since”.

Which clears that up....

Now you know. Save it for next year and you’ll impress all your friends as you ask them to pass the salt.

Or I suppose you could use it today if you happen to be gathering with folks to celebrate the new year, that of 2016, which everyone always hopes is better than the last this case, that of  2015.

Old years, just past, get no respect.

Just like this one won’t get any respect come this time a year from now.

And it’s not like 2015 didn’t try.

And point of fact, no year really has any influence over how things pan out, anyway.

It just serves as a kind of wrapping for everything that takes place.

If it didn’t, everything would just ooze out all over the place.’s just trying to live its year!

Which is like another thing people say, these days... “I’m just trying to live my life!”

Not sure what that means either but, hey...okay...I guess that’s cool.

Everyone should just try to live their lives.

But that doesn’t mean you can use it as an excuse to take somebody else’s lunch out of the office fridge every day.

Just sayin....


Auld Lang Syne....

It’s a new year....

Better than the old year....

365 new days to do with what you want.

365 new days to finally get around to all those things you’ve put off doing all those other 365 old days you let slip by.


Auld Lang Syne....

It’s a new year....

Better than the old year....

Should old acquaintance be can just look them up on Facebook.

And then you can tell each other how neither of you has changed a bit in 35 years.

Same ol’ same ol’....

Auld Lang Syne....

It’s a new year....

Better than the old year....

Pass the salt....

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  1. pass the salt AND the pepper.. happy happy new year!

    1. Forget the condiments...just pass the pitcher...!
      AND how long are we required to say Happy New Year to everyone??? Happy New Year!

    2. happy happy new year!!! yes, the pitcher.... it's more efficent. it is 2016 for pete's sakes...


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