Friday, March 18, 2016

Lost Hour

Z told me we lost an hour the other day and ever since I’ve been going nuts trying to find it.

Because, you know, I usually get blamed for these kinds of things.

So I thought I’d get a jump on it.

But no luck; not yet.

I did locate a few minutes I lost track of a couple of years back; however now that I’ve found them, I kind of wish I hadn’t.

Long story....

All I know is, ever since this hour went missing, I’ve been late...for everything.

So weird.


No...not me...the situation.

So weird.

Z suggested all I had to do was turn the clocks ahead to make up for the missing hour, and then I’d be back on schedule...or as close to schedule as I ever am.

Yeah...nice try.

Like that would work.

Like I’m gonna go around resetting every clock in the world.

Like I have time for that.

Have we forgotten, already, we just lost an hour?

Who knows how many more we’ll lose by the time I reset all those clocks.

The good news is: the sun seems to be setting later in the day...all of a sudden.

Coincidently, almost an hour later.

So I have more time to look around the backyard.

I’m starting to wonder if my neighbor’s dog took the lost hour and buried it, possibly thinking it was some kind of chew toy.

But I don’t see any new holes in the lawn, so that might be a little far-fetched.

It might very well turn out that this lost hour just picked up and took off on its own...

Maybe it’s planning on joining up with a bunch of other lost hours and starting a whole new day of their own.

A day unlike any other...different than any we’ve ever known.

Maybe a lost day.

But probably not.

Probably, it’s just laying low, somewhere, hoping to remain “unfound” until the fall, when the weather turns bad.

Kind of a reverse snow bird.

In the meantime, I’m gonna keep looking, because you never know.

Sometimes you get lucky and grab a lazy hour, doing nothing, when it might let down its guard.

Only, hours like that are rare and far between.

I guess I need to think about this a bit.

Maybe I’ll lie down for an hour and see if something comes to me.


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  1. matty keeps saying, "you know, it's really 2 o'clock... you know it's really 8 o'clock.." we are all living a lie. happy spring!!

    1. The weirdest was when in Europe, just befroe bed, I would check to see how the Mets did and discover they hadn't even started yet. So time is indeed relative...probably a weird Uncle....

  2. These hours come and go and somehow none of us seem to get used to flighty nature of time. I think we may lose an hour here this weekend. This will no doubt prompt the usual remark at 4pm on Sunday "Just think, this time yesterday it was 3pm." Followed by "Only another 6-months and the nights start drawing in." Now is the hour.

    1. indeed you are right, ropey... now is quite certainly the hour....


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