Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Winter, We Hardly Knew Ye

Spring has sprung and Winter...well...Winter, we hardly knew ye.

Not many notable memories to put in the books.


Winter had a bad year.

It never seemed to get up off the couch...too busy watching “Northern Exposure” reruns, or something.

I mean, it gave it one little shot...when, I can’t even remember...and even that didn’t last too long,

But now it’s out and Spring is in full to speak.

And just to rub it in, Spring, dumped a couple of inches of snow on us, probably just to show Winter how it’s done.

Kind of surprising...maybe...but maybe not.

Spring can be cruel at times.

Sure, with all its colorful blooms and promises of better days, most of us give Spring the benefit of the doubt...but there’s a little of an “In Your Face” factor at play.

And not just with Winter; no, Spring has been known to take on Summer, as well.

It’ll shoot temps into the 80’s, well before April’s even through, just to let Summer know it doesn’t have the beach weather market all to itself.

Then turn around and throw some Artic Chill our way, just to keep us...and Winter if Winter hasn’t suffered enough humiliation.

So there’s that.

Kind of shines a whole new light on this Happy Spring hype...which is another element in the whole Spring/Winter to speak

Not too long ago Daylight Savings and all the extended evening daylight belonged solely to Spring.

Spring took all the credit and basked in the sunshine...again, so to speak. 

Then the powers that be—whoever they may be—pushed the start of daylight savings up into late Winter...and let’s face it...Winter needed the good pub.

So now, Spring still harbors a bit of an attitude over all of that because, you know, Spring doesn’t have enough going for it.

I guess which accounts for the unpredictable nature of Spring...again, so to speak.

Sorry...when you talk about seasons there’s bound to be a lot of “so to speaks” falling.

So to speak....

I guess the trick is not to frame everything in seasons but to take everything as a whole.

I really have no idea what that even means, but I thought it was time to throw something smart sounding into all this nonsense.

Feel free to interpret it as you see fit.

It seems like only yesterday I was going on and on about finally “Embracing Fall”.  

And now saying a big HELLOOOOO to Spring.

Despite its capricious attitudes.

Life rolls on; seasons serve as markers along the way.

Goodbye, Winter...we hardly knew ye.


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  1. Well Brian I enjoyed that 'so to speak' and it just goes to show how spoiled you guys are over there living the american dream. Temperatures in the 8o's in April? It's a big if for us in the height of summer. Happy Easter.

    1. Thanks, Ropey. Same to you. Yes, I had a taste of your so called "summer" last year on the Isle across the way. I was having lunch at the time and missed most of it....

  2. never mind the seasons coming and going so quickly, i was just saying to my friend i can't believe tomorrow is friday already!! i think someone is making time go faster.
    and so much for spring, it was a tad bit chilly running on the streets of NJ this morning.
    tomorrow. we shall make it a good friday.
    happy easter.

    1. I thought last Friday was much quicker last week. I was the day I had to pay the builder more than I had anticipated.

    2. and this friday was a beautiful gift of a LONG, wonderful day..... and you know, when is it ever LESS than expected?

    3. True! Subject to time constraints.

  3. Yes, it's all my fault. I tightened the belts on my time machine and it's been full speed ahead ever since. Sorry.... Enjoy the bunny hopping!


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