Wednesday, April 27, 2016 storms go

Life doesn’t always go as we would like...winning Power Ball numbers, aside.

It’s not always one straight road or smooth sailing or clear skies ahead...or whatever travel related metaphor you’d like to employ.

It’s more of a bumpy mogul laden trail on the slopes.

Or stormy seas.

Or curvy unfamiliar terrain.

Most of the time....

Even before we get in our car, boat or airplane...let alone strap on our skis....

That’s just how it goes.

In fact, if we’d like to go through life without disappointment, then we should probably either stay in the basement or just plan on bumps as the natural course of things.

Maybe even look forward to the downs so we can enjoy the challenge of getting back to the ups.

Fleeting as they may be.

I mean, aside from my personal record of 1,500 straight paddleball whacks back in 1978—what can I say...I was on a roll—I haven’t had many ups that have lasted much past lunchtime.

So I’ve come to see, you have to consider the disappointment and the struggle as the cost of doing business.

Just like misplacing your parking lot ticket just as you’re set to get it validated by your chiropodist, which costs you not only the 3 bucks for the hour of parking you paid for upfront...but also another 12 for losing the ticket.

Which seems even worse, afterwards, when you eventually find it in of all places, your shoe, which you now recall thinking was the logical place to put it, since you had to put your shoe back on once you were done getting your corns scraped.


But at least now you have the peace of mind of knowing you can once again wear your sandals out in public without drawing more attention to your crooked middle toe...or at least less attention than usual.

So in the end you have to say it was worth all the hassle.


Sure, after 25 years of loyal service, we’d all like to get that great promotion, which comes with the corner office overlooking the park, a brand new car and membership in the executive health club. Oh, and don’t forget use of the company Chateau in the Bahamas during some of your 12 week vacation time.

But what if your Boss didn’t appreciate the $800 lunch you bought him or the $1,200 front row tickets for opening night of the new “Cats” revival? Or, maybe he did appreciate it—especially the Cats—but mixed up your name with the new guy’s, who sits in the next cubicle, who wears similar ties and gave it to him, instead.

Stuff happens, more than it doesn’t and we’d be foolish to think it didn’t. 

Besides, you never really minded working in the basement annex...all that much...and with 1.5% compound interest, you’ll recoup most of your expenses in another couple of decades.

And didn’t you learn a valuable lesson from all of this?

That’s right...never order the shrimp cocktail and the cheese cake if you’re hoping to keep your dinner bill under $750.

Yeah...the road is mostly bumpy, but in the end all we can really hope for is a long one.

In the end, all roads lead to Rome...or Utica...or Ithaca...or Syracuse...or someplace. Not sure where, exactly... but I’m pretty sure it’s in Central New York. 

How we perceive the ride is up to us....even from the basement...especially from the basement.

And if the road ends up being shorter than we expected at least we’ll have had the opportunity to navigate around the potholes, change course when needed and find a safe place to regroup.

And in those quiet moments of perfection that do find us from time to time, we need to open our eyes, take it all in and allow the magic filling our hearts to simply calm the storms.... 

“Life is painful, suffering is optional.”
                                       Sylvia Boorstein


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  1. outstanding, brian! and as soon as i opened this, it took my breath away. tomorrow will be one year since my friend died and left behind her three young boys and husband. the quote struck me hard because that was her thing while she was fighting the great fight. i know it's a sign from my beautiful friend. thank you.
    i always say it's all about perspective... tomorrow i will celebrate my friend and the beauty she left behind.

    1. thank YOU! i went to kohl's w my mom after sending you the message. you'll never guess what quote i saw as i perused through the plaque/frame dept..... uncanny.

  2. Do you know who ought to read this? Those who are being stalked by the Law... Murrphy's Law. They need to know they are not alone.

    1. In fact there is a movement afoot--and possibly ahand--to remane it Moloney's Law...but I'm pretty sure it will ever happen....

  3. You have evoked quite a lot of melancholy in this post which is disappointing as I won't be able offer my usual trite comment. Next time then....

    1. melancholy infused w love and celebration.... please share your triteness... never wait for next time what you can say now...#nofilter ;0)

  4. Ha...the irony. Yet you never disapoint...

  5. Ha...the irony. Yet you never disapoint...


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