Thursday, October 27, 2016

Lots to Do

I find there’s an awful lot to do in a day.

And I mean to do them—all of them—one of these days, when I’m not napping.

Or staring at Facebook.

Nah, that’s not true. I don’t stare at Facebook...not all the time,

A lot of time I stare at Twitter...and Google+...and You Tube.

And then I take another nap...cuz it wears me out...all that staring.

For real.

Try it some time.

To be honest, even napping wears me out.

It takes a lot of concentration to get your body to shut down in the middle of a busy afternoon; even more in the morning, when you’re not that tired.

Luckily, right now, all the political back and forth blasting from everywhere, out of everything, is very wearing; so that removes a lot of the pressure.

I mean, I can only listen to so many stories about groping and e-mails.

Then I’m out like a light.

Don’t get me wrong.

It’s not that I’m against civic mindedness.

I’m very civic minded...I just don’t care that much to get involved.

Besides, there’s an awful lot to do in a day, so who has the time?

Even in between naps.

Okay, maybe I’m being a little factitious.

I do have chores to do, just like everyone else.

In fact this is one of them.

I’m in charge of making sure the keys on the laptop don’t get frozen from lack of use

So I prattle on every now and again.

Prattle, prattle, prattle.

Prattle...I could go on all day....

That is, if there wasn’t such an awful lot to do in a day.

And since I’m thinking very seriously about adding another nap to my schedule, it’s going to get even harder to get any of it done.

Plus I have to stay on top of the garbage situation and make sure Z doesn’t let it sit around the kitchen too long.

Not that I’m actually “on top” of the garbage.

That would be unsanitary...not to mention weird.

No, I kind of stand to the side, in the next room, and point out—in the nicest of ways, of course—the garbage isn’t going to take itself out.

And somebody has to mention when the windows need washing and the dust needs dusting.


Of course after all this, it’s not all naps all the time.

No...that would be slothful.

Sometimes I just stare at the wall and try to see through it.

Hey, if Superman can do it, why not me?

Nothing ventured nothing know?

It could happen.

Even with the naps.

I also listen to a lot of music...or at least I would if I could figure out where my music was these days.

It used to be in old plastic milk crates in some sort of alphabetical order, which lasted about an hour until I tried to find my Grand Funk Railroad album.

Then I moved onto CD’s and old shoe boxes replaced the milk crates, but not the disorganization.

Then all my music moved to my IPod, then my tablet...and now phone.

And it's all very organized.

I think...I’m not sure...I haven’t been able to find it yet.

Otherwise I’d be listening to it right now, instead of prattling.

I know...kind of confusing.

And confusion takes its toll on me...which means—

Time for another nap.

Maybe by the time I wake up all of this will have worked itself out and I can start getting things done.

Hey, I can’t do everything.

Plus the naps get in the way....


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