Friday, November 18, 2016

Super is as Super Does

They were calling it a Super Moon, the first since...whenever and the last until...who knows when.

But doesn’t it seem they’ve been saying that about the moon almost every year, for a while now?

“Quick, drop what you’re doing and get outside and see the Super’ll never see anything like it again!”

And I do; I drop the bowl of spaghetti I’m bringing to the table and run out to see this amazing moon...a moon I’ve never seen or will see again.

But I do....the next night...and the night after that...and that.

“Oh, but it’s not the same!”

But, it kind of looks the same to me.

I mean, it’s an okay moon.

Maybe a bit brighter than most.

But I’m not sure I would go with the “Super” label...again, so soon.

Pretty good moon...maybe.

Better than average moon...for sure.

But “Super”?

The best moon, ever!

A fantastic Moon!

A moon like you’ve never seen!

Believe me when I tell you about moons...I know moons better than anyone...a really Super, Super...Super Moon!

I guess were gonna have the best of everything now.

Even the moon.

Which is good, since no one wants a second rate moon.

Especially if the Russians have the better one.

And forget about the Chinese Moon...that’s not gonna happen.

Nope...our moon is Super.

Better than all the other moons.

We wouldn’t have it any other way.

The good thing is we’re willing to share our moon with everyone else, everywhere...even Canada...for now.

Unless things change...then we’ll have to look at that again.

I mean we can’t keep giving our stuff away to everyone for free.

We have to get something in return...something just as super.

Maybe wireless headphones.

Or a better fitting fitbit.


I mean we’re talking about the moon...maybe Super...maybe not so much...but still.

We have a Super reputation to uphold.

We even have Super Storms...although those we’d be willing to give away.

Maybe to Mexico.

Okay...time to go check out this Super Fall weather. 

It’s gonna be really day you’ve ever seen...believe me...a really Super Nice Day!

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  1. That is a super retort,Brian. And a super Thanksgiving to you and yours.

    1. Thanks, Joan! And you continue to be Super as always! Have a great holiday, as well!


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