Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Christmas Gift Gathering

I’m not sure what to get Z for Christmas. 

I’m pretty sure, over the years, I’ve gotten her everything.


Including accessories.

I’m sure she has the same problem with me...I mean, if you don’t include the goat.

Long story....

So every year it becomes more and more difficult to find the perfect gift...at least not the same one I picked up 2 years ago, or, possibly, even  last year.

Especially in the same color and style...from the same store.

Because I tend to have narrow tastes.

And I’m drawn to the same items year after year.

Like that year supply of cronuts.

Or the subscription to “Coasters Around the World”.


Z hates those nasty rings on the coffee table.

I also tend to buy a lot of black sweaters.

But all different kinds.

Crewneck, cardigan, V-neck, tunic, shawl...all kinds...all in black.

And it’s not because I can’t pick a color.

No...it’s more because there are too many colors.

Waaaaay too many colors.

And I can’t remember which ones I bought in the past.

So it’s easy to remember black.

And then pretend it’s my signature thing.

Like the sloppy gift wrapping.

Which Z finds endearing.

I believe.

But I have to admit, Z, always organized, tends to leave a lot of catalogues lying around the house.

Kind of a little “hint hint” thing.

Which is so adorable.

Especially since she doesn’t realize she left the pages folded back with scrupulous notes scribbled on the side with size and color suggestions.

So cute.

I wonder if she even knows she does that.

And sometimes I actually get an idea or two.

I mean not the exact item...that would be cheating.

But something “around” that item.

Like if she was looking at a pair of nice grey slacks for work, I know she’s really not thinking of work at all.

She’s probably thinking more along the lines of how’s she’s gonna dig her car out from all that snow in the driveway...so she can get to work.
So of course a nice new snow bib would be perfect...in black.
But I don’t stop there.

Uh, uh...no way.

I’ll follow that up with a brand new pair of goulashes...in black.

Or if she has a page open to a nice pair of leather gloves, I’ll know she’s really thinking about something more practical, like electric hand warmers...which I’m sure can be ordered in black.

Hey, I’m not one to scrimp...not when it comes to Z’s Christmas.

I wonder what she’ll get for me this year...you know, that I don’t already have 5 of?

Maybe another pair of snow shoes...maybe those cool ones with the GPS installed.

That way, after Z drops me off on that mountain in Vermont, I can’t get lost in the woods again....at least not for a week.

Although Z said she thought the GPS was impractical for some reason.

I guess, she has a lot of faith in my ability to find my way home.

Mostly because it only took me 6 months to track down the new house, in the new county, last year....

What can I say?

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

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  1. One of the best Christmas gifts Jay gave me was a self-propelled (almost) vacuum cleaner. I loved it, and I still have it. A friend asked me what he gave me for Christmas, and when I told her, she just hooted. Why? I also liked the light-weight shovel he gave me.

    1. Wow...you used to "clean up" well for Christmas.


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