Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Growing Up in the “Now”

We all use various forms of the phrase “Growing up”.

When I was growing up....

You’re all grown up....

When I grow up....

Will you ever grow up...?

Which I get a lot.

But can we really say anyone ever really grows up?

I mean, sure, in a physical sense we get bigger and to leap tall buildings in a single bound...yet, aren’t we always growing up, no matter what age we fall on the actuarial table?

Growing up into what we’re meant to grow up into.

Even if it’s just a guy who hangs out in the park picking lint from his belly button.

Or worse, someone else’s belly button.

We’re all just evolving from the silly little nose pickers we were into the more serious nose pickers we’re becoming.

Living is a process and no matter when, what or where you find yourself in that process it’s okay...even if the process involves a lot of time slumped in a Lazy Boy binging on reruns of the Dick Van Dyke show.

It’s probably just a phase and besides, there’s much to be gleaned from watching Rob and Laura.

Much more so than Fred and Wilma, whose antics, I find, tend to be a bit more on the unrealistic side.

For my part, I’m kind of happy to still be in my “growing” phase.

In fact, one of the things I’ve appreciated growing into—in addition to my new, extra-relaxed cut jeans—is a concentrated effort to leave the past behind and focus on the now...without worrying what the future might bring.

Which is great for snacking...accounting for the new extra-relaxed cut jeans.

If today brings rain and cold... I’ll carry an umbrella.

If it’s sunny and warm...shorts and sunglasses at the ready.

And if the cable goes out...again...then I’ll be really pissed off, because do you know how many times I’ve been on hold with customer service???


Hey, I said it was a process and today’s the day they’re re-running the episode where Rob is working late and thinks he sees a UFO flying outside his office window. 

Hoo boy...I can’t see than one enough!

But that’s neither here nor there...what’s here is the annoying stone saw droning on and on outside my window...NOW right NOW!


No one said it was easy, this growing up. 

But if you accept the difficulties as well as the pleasures and appreciate they’re all part of the “growing” then who knows, you might actually crack a smile while you’re listening to all the great things your cable company has to offer.

Yeah, okay....maybe that’s a bit of a stretch.

But I did improve my download speed—or was it my upload speed—for only an additional $29.99 a month. At least I think it’s kind of hard to tell.

No big deal, though.

It is or it isn’t.

Either way is fine here in the “now”.

The sun is still warm, and the trees and bushes are still bright with all kinds of spring color.

And the Double Stuff Oreos are stacked up neatly by my side.

I’m learning and growing with every second, minute, hour and day.

In fact, today, I learned how to throw raw eggs at stone cutters without being seen.

So don’t take it for granted when someone wishes you a “nice day”. Aside from its insipidness, it’s actually the kindest thing one person can offer another; the idea of tossing all your perceived cares and woes to the side and embracing the joy in the “now” surrounding you.

And sure, while the perpetual smile you’ll suddenly find spreading across your face will annoy others, just as the constant smiles of all those other happy people you’ve encountered over the years have annoyed you, none of it will matter in the “now”.

Especially if those raw eggs you’re long tossing over the fence are hitting their targets...and you wish them a “nice day”....


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  1. Throwing raw eggs at stone cutters without being seen Mmmm I wonder if there are statistics about that on the actuarial table. Perhaps we could make an omelette or something?

  2. Growing up is hard to do. So is breaking up, unless it's eggs.

  3. Both your comments are always!


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