Friday, November 11, 2011


So it’s 11.11.11 and this is supposed to be a date of some significance.

Some say this is the day that the gateway between worlds swings open and it’s easier to get in touch with the spiritual realm. This is significant because, as everyone knows, this is the time of year that the pre-Thanksgiving sales begin in the spiritual realm, which is tax free, making it desirable as a place to buy a flat screen TV, designer shoes and liquor.
You know…for the holidays.

Others say it’s a perfect time to reboot your life, which I can certainly use…but not a total re-boot since I’ve grown very fond of Z’s meatloaf and lasagna.

Besides, if everyone took advantage of this re-boot opportunity can you imagine the chaos this would cause at the mall?  I mean can you imagine the lines at returns?  Everyone’s sizes would be way out of whack.

And there’s no guarantee that a re-boot is going to be anything better than what you already have, with or without Z’s meatloaf and lasagna.  

Z also makes a mean beef stew, mushroom chicken casserole and a meatball appetizer that's all the rage.  In fact, Z is a pretty great cook, period—despite her Irish heritage—and makes most things well.

I’m not mentioning the stuffed peppers, mostly because we were young and you have to make allowances for the learning curve of youth.

But I digress….


A big day.

Even bigger I guess at 11:11 AM and or PM.  That’s when it’s surmised that some of those from the spiritual realm can pass between worlds. Although, I say, who needs em?  I say, let them stay over there on their own side, with their big cushy clouds, flowing permanent-press robes and all-knowing abilities.  Who needs them coming over here just to rub our noses in our measly mortality? I mean don’t you get enough of that from your kids?

But I shouldn’t paint everyone from the other realm with such a broad stroke. Some of them are okay. Some are actually helpful and have something meaningful to offer. Like where you left your keys.

You think that just popped back in your head out of nowhere?

Or how you forgot to pick up the dog at the kennel…for a month.

Hey…it’s a busy time of year; you can’t be expected to remember everything.

So the spirits are useful in that regard.

Sometimes if you’re not careful, especially at night, when you’re asleep, and you’re receptive to it, you might slip into the spirit realm yourself…you know, just for a visit.

At least that’s the hope.

And despite what you might think, the spirits aren’t always that hospitable to us embodied folk waltzing around over there, either.

For one, they can’t get HBO and they resent us for that.  First thing they always ask is “What happened with Tony Soprano?”

I always answer back, “If you don’t know, how do you expect any of us to know….?”

You have to be an old Soprano fan to get that, I know. And the reference is a little dated to begin with. We’re all on to Nucky now; but they're a little behind in the Spirit Realm. don’t get HBO either?

One of the advantages of crossing over into the Spirit Realm is the 24 hour breakfast buffet.  It’s like to die for…. Well, that goes without saying.

The reason they have a 24 hour breakfast buffet is because every moment to a spirit is like a brand new day; a fresh start.

It’s one, if not the only lesson that the spirits want us to learn over here, if we learn anything at all.

Along with life itself, every new breath is a gift and a miracle.

Walt Whitman said it nicely, when I was over there visiting.  And if you thought his beard was long then, you should see it now! 

"As to me, I know nothing else but miracles….

To me every hour of the light and dark is a miracle,

Every cubic inch of space is a miracle,

Every square yard of the surface of the earth is spread with miracles.

Every foot of the interior swarms with miracles."
 Miracles – Leaves of Grass – 1855 

LEARN that…KNOW that…and nothing else matters

Except maybe picking up the dog....

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