Monday, November 7, 2011

Novemberrrrrr—It is What it Is….

So we're a week into Novemberrrrrrr with a bit of October attitude still fresh in our minds, our streets and our ruined gardens.

It’s almost as if October had fallen asleep and didn’t realize it was dishing out all that nice hospitable weather week after week.

“Is it supposed to be this warm in October?” we all said.

Probably not…but we weren’t about to discuss it, let alone complain.

Then WHAM…October wakes up and as if to make up for all those warm afternoons, drops a bale of snow on us, with a sprinkle of fallen tree branches and scattered power outages to boot.

Hey October…cut us a break next time. It’s not our fault you were asleep at the switch!

Scattered power outages doesn’t sound too bad…unless your one of those who’s scattered. This time we were spared, mostly because we finally bought a generator and will probably never need to use it.  But that’s a good thing.

Actually it was just nice knowing it was there.

For some, hitting November, the month when dark arrives early and Thanksgiving late, is tough enough, in and of itself.  Once we cross the Halloween divide we might as well strike up the band for another rendition of Auld Lang Syne; that’s how quickly the holiday season and rush to year’s end comes upon us.

And now, to awaken to fall’s foliage dressed with frost, or even snow, sparkling in the morning sun is a bit more than just disturbing. 

It’s just plain wrong.

The winter couldn’t wait? After last year it couldn’t wait to remind us of the colorless landscape that settles in for December, January and February.

Well, at least it’ll give us something to talk about for years to come.

And now Novemberrrrrrrr.

You’ll start to hear it now…”Where did the year go?  How fast the time flies!”

And it’s does; it always has; it always will.

The slice of the pie grows smaller every year, at least for everyone who’s fortunate to have a seat at the table.   So maybe the trick is to slow down, take smaller bites...and savor every one one of them.

Because when the time stops flying, that’s when we have a problem…maybe.

Maybe not….

Of course, I suppose you could switch to cake. Lemon coconut’s my favorite, in case you’re buying.

There's a saying…an annoying saying…

“It is what it is….”

Say what?

“It is what it is….”

I hate that saying….

I’m always of a mind that if I don’t like what it is, I try to change it.

Sometimes I can and mostly I can’t. But at least I try.

Usually I just end up not liking it…a lot….

Or I just change the one thing I can change…my attitude.

So I’m not sure what’s better. 

I guess it just is—


I’ll leave it at that.


It's only 4 months til March, a personal favorite, which is practically that's not too bad.

And I do like Turkey.

And the Parade.

And the March of the Wooden Soldiers.

And did I mention Turkey?

Sweet Potato Pie?

Apple Pie?

Pie Pie?

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