Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Aftermath

For some, today is All Souls Day, which follows All Saints Day, which followed Halloween. Tomorrow is All Shoes Day, which precedes All Socks Day...and on and on it goes.

There's a day for everything....

So another Halloween is in the books. 

The Zombies turned out their lights right at midnight, as is their wont, even though there was still a line down to the corner. 

The Witches kept up their assortment of broom tricks for hours, tossing candy down to all the kids watching below.

Show offs….

At least their talking to me again…the Witches. 

Holidays have that effect on people; even Witches.

There was a small incident with one of the Vampire’s coffins that had something to do with a pug that was mistaken for a stink bug…but I’m not going there.

But all in all it was a great night, even with the layer of snow that coated the lawns. Maybe because of it.

We actually ran out of our 1,000 pieces of candy just before 8.  Actually a bit slower than usual. Maybe because of the weather.

Z put up the paper spider on the front door, so the kids had to ring the bell, which is kind of boring. 

There was one reported pumpkin casualty as one sugar infused Woody stepped off our front stoop and right into our pumpkin.  But he popped right up and clopped around with it on his cowboy boot all night. To be honest, it gave his Toy Story costume that special little something that the normal Woody is missing.

After we shut out the lights and hid behind the couch for a while—at least I did; Z was fixing dinner—the neighborhood actually got even busier, if you can imagine that.

Huddled in the dark, inhaling dust balls and munching on an undated Ritz I had found, reminded me of the Werewolves for some reason, so I thought I would take a walk over to their place and see how they were doing.

 It’s a difficult time for them.

On top of it being Halloween, it’s about 10 days shy of the next full moon, so when I got to their place they weren’t in the best of spirits. Plus they were in their molting faze, which in not the best look for a Werewolf at any time of the year.

I knocked on the door but no one answered. I knew they were home, because one, where else would they go, and two, I could hear “How I Met Your Mother” on the TV.

Werewolves love comedies; especially Buddy comedies for some odd reason.

Anyway, there was just something very sad about the whole situation.

Z had made some Halloween cupcakes and cookies, so I left a small assortment by their door and walked off, back through the maze of Trick or Treaters.

I heard the door creak, so I turned around and saw a little furry paw pick up the plate of treats.

It was a little heart breaking.

How long was this kind of stuff going to go on?

People just don’t get it…Werewolves are people too.



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