Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Jury’s Still Out on Wednesday

The jury’s still out on Wednesday.

I mean it’s literally still out….

If you’ve been paying attention (and why wouldn’t you?) last week I told you I had heard Wednesday left town and took off on vacation somewhere.

Well, it turns out that was true. It seems Wednesday was spotted going in and out of a number of illegal casinos in Cancun.  It’s said he was smoking illicit cigars and had a couple of pretty “questionable days” draped over each of his scrawny little mid-week appendages.

So you can imagine what that was all about.

Next thing, I’m getting a call from the local Federales down there saying, they had this día más malo locked up in a holding cell, claiming to belong to me. 

Of course, I knew right away what day they were talking about.  In fact I wasn’t the least bit surprised.  Still, I told them that was impossible.  I hadn’t had a bad day in a long, long time; not since Bush Jr. finished his second term.

They said this particular day was claiming to be down there working for me, gathering material for some kind of story.

“Nope,” I told them. “All of my days, while subject to unwarranted mood swings from time to time, are usually pretty good ones and are all accounted for.”

I even said it with a straight face…not that they could see my face…I don’t think.

So they thanked me for my time and charged Wednesday with illegal gambling, possession of an unlawful cigar, solicitation and I believe walking on the wrong side of the street on a Tuesday…which I can’t tell you how much that must have annoyed Wednesday, given the bad history there with Tuesday.  

Anyway, who knows how this is all going to turn out now. They don’t take flaunting the law lightly down there…no matter what day it is.

I talked to Saturday about bumping up a couple of slots, to fill in…you know…temporarily. I told Saturday we would give it a try for a few weeks and if it worked out to both of our likings it could become a permanent gig.

But to my surprise Saturday turned me down. Said it liked its nice cushy spot in the week the way it is.  Said it didn’t want to mess with what was working so well for so long.

I guess I should have expected that kind of lackadaisical attitude from a weekend.

Even so, against my better judgment, I also asked Sunday if it was interested, but of course with its “holier than thou” attitude it just walked away. Not that I didn’t expect it, especially coming off one of its big holidays.

I don’t know…to be honest I’m getting a little tired of all these silly days and their half-baked attitudes. I should replace them all with some younger, hungrier days.

It couldn’t hurt to see what else is out there….

Maybe I’ll start interviewing.

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