Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wednesday Deadlock

Sorry…still no progress with Wednesday. 

We're deadlocked.

So I think this may take a while.

In fact there’s been no contact at all….

Last I heard, after it put up that ridiculous propaganda last week, Wednesday was leaving town and taking a vacation…some island somewhere.

So now, maybe you can see what I’m dealing with.

I'll check back in if there's anything new to report.

In the meantime, enjoy Monday and Friday. 

They're not going anywhere.  I've given them an extension....



  1. I think of the week as my dance card all filled in except Wednesday. Wednesday is a freebie, which I often spend with Angel. It's his day for brushing, petting and tummy rubs. We walk many a mile too, often meeting up with Jack, Fiona, and Max, our doggie friends. Their owners might have names like La'shanna or Deshawn or Selladora. Well, Kelly and Madison are pretty common. But how about Rafferty? And if it's hyphenated, like Rafferty Hennessey- McGillicudy - how would that ever fit on my dance card???

    1. My mom called me McGillicudy when I was a kid...not sure why. Also McGee, as in Fibber, which I guess is self-explanatory.

    2. My mother called my brother Rasputin, Raspy for short.

  2. We were shopping at Barron's on Moody St. in Waltham. My brother saw a bin filled with bras, so he picked one up and yelled: "Mama, look at the funny hankies." The other shoppers stood and stared, while mother stage-whispered, "Come along, Rasputin."

    1. Funny…I always think of Rasputin as a leg man, myself.

  3. A gofer? Would you like my take on the guys who pick the names for various medications?

  4. Oh, I get it - a leg man. Yeah.


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