Monday, April 29, 2013

Penguin Popularity

Have you noticed all the Penguins, lately?

They’re everywhere….

Commercials, movies, TV, the NHL…even popular music.

There was that movie a while back, “March of the Penguins” about that down on its luck Marching Band from the Galapagos that couldn’t get booked for any of the BIG parades, mostly because they kept bumping into one another with their instruments; not to mention the drummers couldn’t reach over the top of their drums. Plus, their Penguin Marching Band hats basically swallowed them up from head to toe…or what passes for a Penguin’s toe.

I didn’t actually see it but I think that’s what it was about, and I think it was a big hit…for some reason.

I guess because of its appeal to the aquatic flightless bird set, which is a lot bigger than you would imagine.

Then there are all those commercials for hotels and beer, which are apparently a big part of a Penguin’s lifestyle.

And I think Bieber’s doing a new pop version of that old Glenn Miller favorite, “Penguine the Beguine”.

Or something like that.

They’re becoming almost as ubiquitous as the Zombies.

In fact, a young Penguin family just bought the house around the corner.

Nice couple too.

Z and I ran into them the other day as we were heading out for our evening stroll.

I mean we literally ran into them because, to be honest, they’re a little on the short side, and we didn’t really notice them at first…at least until we heard the quacking.

And if you’ve ever heard a Penguin quack before…well, you know.

Actually it was just the dad Penguin that was doing all the quaking, and you can’t blame him.

I’d probably do the same if someone was stepping on my flippers, too.

The mom Penguin was actually very sweet…apologetic, actually, for waddling without looking.

At least I think she was apologetic…I mean, it’s just an assumption on my part. But she kept patting my calf with her little wing, so I took that in the only way I could.

Wouldn’t you?

And of course, there were those cute, twin little furball chicks, who I think were named…well, let’s face it; I have no idea what they were named. And I wasn’t about to repeat what I thought I heard, because who knows how my interpretation would be perceived by a Penguin.

I mean, why start off on even more of a wrong, foot, webbed or not, with new neighbors, aquatic or not?

That never ends well.

It took me months to smooth things over with the Zombies when they first shuffled over to say hello.

Really, who can tell when a Zombie is smiling…am I right?

But you can tell from the way dad Penguin took care of his lawn that these were going to be very conscientious Penguin neighbors.

Which, to be honest, we could use a little more of around here, if you know what I mean.

Not mentioning any names or particular species, but if I were you, I’d walk with my eyes forward and my nose held when I pass by the Werewolves’ place.

Just saying….

So it’s good to see the Penguins moving up in the world and buying in the neighborhood.

It should be great for the swim team.

And I’m sure they’ll put a pool of their own in pretty soon.

Can you say POOL PARTY!

Or however the Penguins actually say it…again, not really sure.

But I expect to pick up on their Penguin customs and ways, let alone unique dialect, sooner rather than later.

Z invited them over for a BBQ, as soon as it warms up a little.

Which, to be honest, I’m not sure was exactly the thing they were looking for since they literally shuddered and ruffled their feathers a bit at the mention of warm weather.

And of course, later it hit me....What were we thinking? 

Penguins have never been fans of warm weather or BBQ’s.

Everyone expects them to bring the beer….

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  1. I work at the Bedford High School in Bedford, MA. USA in the IT Dept. This past year we gave out iPads to the students and in short order we had a line at the door for various mostly self inflicted problems - kids, you know. We have come to call this daily line up - happens in the morning and at lunch "the march of the penguins".


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