Friday, November 8, 2013

Nothing Doing November

We’re a week into November and of course you know what that means.

You do?


Well, then tell me, because I have no idea what that means.  

Unless of course you’re a Turkey—I mean a real Turkey, not like my cousin Louise—in which case you might want to consider making out of town travel plans.

But, really, where can you go if you’re a Turkey around here, especially this time of year?

I guess Canada….or New Jersey.

Canada is preoccupied with all the geese, so you could probably slide by.

And New Jersey has so many malls you could easily blend in and get lost there….plus find a bargain on Turtlenecks.

I know…none of that makes any sense at all.

I’m just pushing the envelope a little too hard right now.

But what can I say…it’s a week into November.

November is just a funny time of year, especially before Thanksgiving…which, by the way, is gonna be late this year.

I’m not sure why.

Something about the calendar, the sun and the moon, and the day the new iPads came out.

So it’s gonna be late.

Which gives the Turkeys—

Sorry…old habits.


The leaves look nice…especially the ones I track in the house.

I don’t why Z doesn’t appreciate them the way I do.

Speaking of Z…her birthday is in November.

She’s gonna be—

Oops!  Almost got me….


A lot of people think Turkeys are just dumb birds.

That they don’t even really fly…at least not all that well.

But don’t think that makes them dumb.

I have a friend who doesn’t fly very well either…if at all.

And she’s a paralegal.

So who looks dumb now?

Right…I hear you.


And it’s never too early to start showing all those heartfelt TV Christmas movies…let alone the commercials.

Like when that guy, surprises his wife on Christmas Eve with a diamond pendant.

If I gave Z a diamond pendant she’d be surprised too.

If I wrapped it, she’d be even more surprised.

And if we made it to New Years Eve without the police serving up a search warrant, that would be the biggest surprise of all.

Usually, we  never make it past Boxing Day, which annoys me because I always miss the boxing.



It’s never too early to get a jump on your holiday decorating. Especially your outside holiday decorating.

You know, pull out all the lights and such and see what needs replacing.

Make sure you have enough extension cords, scotch tape and bows.

I like to plan ahead myself, which is why I’ve already pulled the Christmas tree out from behind the garage. 

Okay, it’s a little on the brown side…and most of the needles fell off a couple of years ago…but I said most…not all.

I’m sure we can squeeze one more year out of it…especially if we use lots of tinsel.

Speaking of which, I better see if the tinsel is done drying. I’m not making the same mistake I made last year. 

This year I’m using the permanent press setting.

Do you know how long it took Z to get those wrinkles out?


See…it’s not so bad.

Lots and lots to do….

Right after my nap.

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  1. there's a nice little foot race through nyc in november! and i am in the small crowd of non-turkey eaters on thanksgiving...send those birds to nj, they can hang out with the wookie, i prefer to indulge on antipasto and lasagne. and as for xmas....i think i'd rather run another marathon than start all that hoopla.. i'm still catching up on my pictures from summer. happy birthday to your bride!!

    1. I think you might be fibbing about the marathon, or else your adrenaline hasn't settled down yet. Try the'll like it. Then the lasagna is next....

    2. i may still be in the 42k fog... but i still feel that xmas needs to be simplified. radically. perhaps i need to start writing again so i can share my simple, yet happy notion. my 6 followers will find it intriguing, along with the tired wookie. and no thanks on the bird, i was never a fan. my mom made it last week and i told her i was going to skip that part. so she asked me if i wanted leftover pork. my dad almost choked. hahaha like we just met.


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