Tuesday, October 7, 2014

This is Annoying

A lot of things annoy me.



Well, that’s annoying….

It doesn’t take much to get me going.
Like October...just on principal.

Or the birds…they’re annoying…especially in the morning.

All that singing and tweeting…really?

And the crickets…all night long…even now.

I mean come on…time to pack it in.

How about the sun?

Getting so low in the sky…always shining in my eyes.


Then there are the drivers who never learned how to use a turn signal.

Who are almost as bad as the drivers that never learned how to turn them off…all day.

Let’s not leave out the high beam drivers.

And the over caffeinated Type-A's that constantly flash at you to turn yours down…even when they’re not on.

Bicyclists are annoying…especially when their spandex bunches.

And don’t get me started on runners…especially the sweaty ones.


Not that the walkers are any better….

Who do they think they’re smiling at?

Which leads me to friendly people in general and all their cheerfulness.

Who needs that, especially on a weekday…especially in the morning.

And aren’t we all getting a little tired of babies…especially the cute ones.

I mean, that whole helpless innocents act is wearing a little thin…

Don’t you think?

Then there are the “Know it all’s”…so annoying.  

You know?

Clueless people…I don’t get it.

Corn niblets…please, I don’t even want to go there.

Lima beans



Now I went there.

Organ meats.

Organ grinders.

Organ music.

So many things…not enough time.

Which is also annoying.

Did I mention squirrels?



Dogs can be annoying…especially the ones that lick your face when you’re sleeping.

Same goes for people.

So annoying….

Like writers who put just about any old thing on a page and think they’ve done something worthwhile.

How annoying is that?

Asking rhetorical questions…annoying.

Answering rhetorical questions…even more so.

Writing rhetorical questions…yeah.

Reading rhetorical questions….need I say it?

I do…really?

That’s more than annoying.

In fact this whole thing has annoyed me.

To no end….

Which this is, anyway.


I know.

But I tried to warn you, right from the start.

But you wouldn’t listen….

Now we’re both annoyed.

Which also annoys me….



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  1. Great post. How annoying to know that we are annoyed by the same things over here.Mind you, Italy! Now that is annoying.

    1. Like you can't understand a word they say....right? So annoying....

  2. And the Vespas. And how they drive up on the sidewalk to get around the traffic, all the while gesticulating, as only they can.

    1. I'm half Italian and I've never been able to gesticulate without being arrested....

  3. those darn chickpeas!
    and those runners... hahahhaha whilst we runners find some drivers to be ummmm...

    1. Don't take it personally...I'm a walker and I even annoyed myself..... Now that's annoying!

  4. Well! There you go! You can't get more annoying than we bunch of commentators. "Vespa's driving up on the sidewalk" and I was annoyed as I thought they were only picking on me. I have also signed up for a course in Gesticulation as I feel I'm missing out. How annoying is that?

  5. Well, no half-way measures. Brian has to be sure the Irish half doesn't kick in if he wants to be an expert gesticulator. As for me, I am sending my dog to the class. He will be seen riding his Vespa on 60 Minutes in the very near future.

    1. I agree Joan there is always that annoying Irish element lurking. Let me know your dogs name perhaps I can make a grand gesture and buy it a coffee during the course? Looking forward to the 'Canine Vespa Hound' annoying sidewalk people everywhere.

  6. It's so nice to see the kids getting along!

  7. Our thanks to Mr. L. for the coffee invitation. However, Snowball doesn't drink coffee - only water, Perrier preferred. You can see he is a cosmopolite, and at ease in any social situation. Most of the time.


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