Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Self-Promotion Suc— Such as it is....

When it comes to self-promotion...I’m pretty bad at it. 

Hard to believe, I know.

I strut around these pages, snarky, full of sass and, hopefully, sometimes funny, spouting my forward opinions and useless observations on this and that...whatever and whoever...discussing basically anything that comes to mind on any given day.

Like sass...what the hell is sass? Is it a salty version of ass? And how does one become full of it...sass or ass?

So I know I come off as pretty full of myself, which is the last thing I want you to think.

I mean, I am pretty full of myself... I just don’t want you to think it.

Ha!  Can't get enough of that joke, can you?  Or maybe you can...I don't know.
But when it comes to talking about my work, promoting it to the masses...telling everyone how great it is and that they’d be crazy  not to check it out...I know I just plain cringe.

I’m not sure why...or more likely I am, but I’m not about to say it...because then you would really think I was over-full of sass...and possibly even ass.

Still, when you want folks to see the product of your labors...even if the labor sometimes involves umbrella drinks and sandy toes...you gotta talk it up...ad nausea for both you and me.

You throw cookie crumbs out to your peeps on social media and hope some of those peeps follow the trail, like what they find, and then throw cookie crumbs of their own out to their peeps...and so on and so on.

But unfortunately that’s not how it works.

There's so much content on social media that much of what’s posted is just a blur as it flies by...or, at best, becomes a mental note to go back and check out later...in a sea of laters.

I’m as guilty of that as anybody.

You have no idea how backed up I am on all my “Who Remembers?” “The Cutest Evers” and “I got Monkey Turd...What did You Gets?”...that I don’t think I’ll ever catch up.

So it’s nice when someone who truly gets it, surprises you with “promotion” that’s not of your own "self" making.

Which is what writer Lori Duff, from the land of Georgia Peaches offered up the other day in the form of a nice review and recap of “The Kingdom of Keys”.  Lori's a fun writer in her own right and does her own humor column called “Lori Duff Writes” that's worth checking out...but not until after you’ve read mine...which goes without saying...even though I just did.  As a bonus you can also buy a copy of her own book, Mismatched Shoes and Upside Down Pizza” a collection of some of her best offerings from the past. Lori’s also a lawyer (not her fault) and an actual judge in the local Georgia court system, which means she is bound to be fair and honest in her assessments...which might not be the best thing for me, now that I think of it....

Anyway, if you follow the FLR on Facebook or Google + or Twitter you might have already seen this...once...twice...okay, possibly three times, already. But if you don't and haven't...well, you’re already here and maybe just a little bit interested... so I thought you might like to read Lori’s review and recap for yourself.

And if you’re not at all interested and only here to pick up some pictures...read it anyway. You just might learn something....


  1. On the subject of humility as it relates to creativity I believe it has very little to do with good manners or etiquette. Oxford Dictionary says it all for me "Humility: - The quality of having a modest or low view of one’s importance". As a one-time urchin who scrapped for crumbs from the age of 12 I found that unless you shout nobody hears. I sold coal, newspapers and eggs all by shouting. The stories were often un-newsworthy who could really judge the coal and the eggs came from Poland and arrived on my stand after a 6-week journey. In truth I shouted to eat. Creative people are easy to knock as they can be a little fragile. Your stuff Brian is best when it lacks humility in my humble opinion.
    As a final shout in your direction I will now write you a poem on the perils of modesty and diffidence.

    1. Thanks, Ropey. Since you're too humble to post it yourself....here's the result...


  2. Hey Brian - everyone loves a "sassypants" (except your mom), so keep on writing, don't be messin' with those "Remember When" Buzzfeed quizzes where they want you to figure out what you were in a prior life. Just live for the here and now and keep telling us about it because we all need your humor to get us thru our days (or would that be daze?).

    1. I don't know....I find my sassypants to be a little tight around the waist these days. However my crabbypants, with the comfort waist band seem to fit me just fine...at least according to Z....

    2. You are entitled to self-promote. Just think if your potential readers had never heard of you. They would miss that weird melange of Brian-wisdom and sass-humor. Yes. Do your public a favor. Let them know about you!

    3. Thanks, Joan. Yes I am entitled to self promote...I would just like others do it while I sit back with a Pina Colada....

  3. Speaking of unexpected plugs.......you rock!

    1. I do rock, and have for years...but there's nothing the doctors can do about it....


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