Friday, June 12, 2015

For No Reason

There are a lot of reason for a lot of things.

None of which I need to go into now.


I need a reason?

If you ask me...there are way too many reasons...many of which don’t make any sense.

Which is just plain least in my opinion.

But people like to have a reason.

They even reason that they need a reason...just to do anything....within reason of course.

And I think that’s just...wrong. expected me to say something else.


I mean I could have...if I wanted...but I didn’t...and that’s all you need to know.

If for no other reason than, I said so.

I can see all you reasoners out there shaking your head....wanting to get a crack at me...just to shake some reason into me.

But you can’ you should give yourselves a little shake...just to shake the reason out of you.

Or not....

It’s up to you.

There’s no reason why it shouldn’t be.

Or any reason why it should be...for that matter.

Not that it does matter.

I mean, why should it...matter.

It’s neither here nor there.

Or anywhere...for that matter...which is different from the other matter. don’t think so?

Give me one good reason why any of this should matter....

Just one....

Not coming up with anything, are you?

Well, no matter....

It’s just as well...unless it’s not of course...well, I mean.

“Well, well, well”, you say.  “You’ve painted yourself right into the proverbial word corner, now haven’t you?”

And I say... “No...not at all...not even close!”

To which you reply, “Well, then...I can’t wait to hear your reasoning on this one.”

And I say, “I could give you a reason...but I certainly don’t intend to. There’s just no reason for it!”

To which you then reply, “Because you don’t have a good good reason, at all.”

And I say, “ it’s not enough for me to give you just a you want a good reason.  So who’s being unreasonable, now?”

But I suppose you’re entitled to your unreasonableness.

What would that make me if I didn’t think that?

Which again...really doesn’t the long run...or the short run.

Not even in the medium run.

In fact it doesn’t even need to run at all.

It can be sitting and it still wouldn’t matter.

There’s just no reason that it should.

No reason at all.


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