Friday, June 5, 2015

Summer Freefall’s unusual for me, but I’m really enjoying this new freefall of a season.

Cool crisp, morning air...warm toasty blankets at night.

I even brought out the turtlenecks and sweaters...but it really does seem as if I just put them away.
I suppose I say that more and more, every year, now.

How fast the time goes and goes and someone once said.

Oh, I guess that was me...but so loooooong ago...way back in the late spring.

I’ve been looking for a place to go pumpkin picking...maybe even tag this year’s Christmas tree, while I’m at it...but I can’t seem to find any place open yet, which is odd...especially in the freefall.

At least the heat is up and working, just fine; and I have to admit, it’s nice sitting by a roaring fire, again, munching on some tasty chestnuts...if I could find some chestnuts.

Odd, because they usually start showing up, back in the stores around this time of year.

But then again, the leaves should be well into their colorful metamorphis, by now....shouldn't they?

Maybe because it’s been so wet, lately...or so dry before that.

Who knows?

And it does stay light, well past 8:30...which is also odd in the freefall.

Not sure why that is either.

Must have something to do with too much government interference.

Or maybe not enough government oversight.

Not sure...but it’s probably one or the other.

Someone was saying—not sure who...probably me—that they thought they smelled snow in the air.

But that’s just crazy talk. 

You can’t smell snow in the air.

You taste it.

And I have to say—now that I mention it—I can kind of taste something in the air.

But that could just be the lint from my neighbors dryer, again.

Country Fresh, I think.

I do miss the summer, though.

I hardly feel as if it even happened this year.

I guess it was a non-eventful one.

Like that colonoscopy I can’t remember ever having, either.  

I guess if something big occurred I would have remembered.


I mean after a while they all just blend right into one another.

Some better than others...some not so much.

I guess it depends on who you spend your time with, and what you do with that time.

You need to surround yourself with fun people who like to go out on a limb and try new things.

And that goes for the summer, too.

But I guess this year’s was pretty ordinary.

I mean, I can’t remember a thing about it.

Or the summer.

But I’m sure I enjoyed it.

And the summer.

What...too much?

Sorry...I guess I’m just excited about this new freefall.

And all the happy holidays lurking right around the corner.

Won’t be long now.

And before we know it, it’ll be spring again...and then a whole new summer.

Hopefully, a little more memorable than this past one.

Brrrrrr...gotta go. My fingers are getting stiff. I guess it’s time to break out the mittens.

Why not? 

It’s just part of summer freefall....


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  1. I think this season got hacked! Keep the faith and don't put the beach chair out of the trunk yet.


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