Sunday, June 19, 2011

On the 8th Day….

And on the 8th day of Blogathon 2011 he looked back upon all he had created throughout the previous 7 and said,

“Thank God for spell check…!”

Then he spoke in a language unknown to all that had gathered there and fell flat upon the ground….

Raising a badly depleted appendage the man signaled toward the crowd and motioned for a solitary Follower to kneel beside him, then whispered in the Follower's ear.

What...what did he say?” the crowd demanded. “What words did he leave us to live by, on this day?”

The Follower, gently lowered the wasted man to the ground, turned to the crowd and spoke….

“He said the chicken salad has turned.  Go for the Tuna…”

And with that, the grateful crowd dispersed, heartened by the lesson they had learned, that day....


Happy Father’s Day to all you Fathers!

But do yourselves a favor

Return all the ties, the power drills, the Blu-ray players…

Cash them in and buy your wife some flowers, take her to dinner or send her to a spa…

Give Father’s Day back to the Mothers…

They deserve it more than you!

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